Fig.1 shows the handle and head of an averruncator. Fig. 2 shows the head in use.

An averruncator is a form of long shears used in arboriculture for averruncating or pruning off the higher branches of trees, etc.[1]


The word averruncate (from Latin averruncare, "to ward off, remove mischief") glided into meaning to weed the ground, prune vines, etc., by a supposed derivation from the Lat. ab, "off", and eruncare, "to weed out", and it was spelt aberuncate to suit this; but the New English Dictionary regards such a derivation as impossible.[1]


An averruncator has a compound blade attached to a handle between five and eight feet long. The blades are closed with a rope and pulley, and they are opened with a spring.



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