Avatar Press

Avatar Press
Founded 1996
Founder William A. Christensen
Country of origin United States
Headquarters location Rantoul, Illinois
Key people William A. Christensen
Publication types Comics
Official website www.avatarpress.com

Avatar Press is an independent American publisher of comic books, founded in 1996 by William A. Christensen, and based in Rantoul, Illinois. Avatar Press is most notable for publishing "Bad Girl" comics such as Pandora, Hellina, Lookers, The Ravening, and Brian Pulido's Lady Death.

Currently, Avatar publishes several ongoing series. They have a strong web presence, anchored by Warren Ellis' FreakAngels webcomic, as well as the comics news site Bleeding Cool, helmed by Rich Johnston.


Founder and editor-in-chief William A. Christensen.

Publisher Christensen had been a freelance contributor to Wizard magazine before founding Avatar. The company initially published only mini-series. They subsequently expanded to other formats.

As part of an effort to expand beyond their reputation as a bad girl publisher, it offered a number of noted creators an opportunity to publish creator-owned books with no content restrictions whatsoever. Among the creators to take them up on their offer were Frank Miller, Warren Ellis, Alan Moore, and Garth Ennis.

Lately, the company has taken to licensed comic book adaptations of famous sci-fi and horror shows from movies and television, such as RoboCop, Night of the Living Dead, and Friday the 13th.


Titles that Avatar publishes fall into three general areas: "bad girl" comics, adaptations (including licensed properties), and original titles.

Bad Girl

Notable Bad Girl comics (often written by William A. Christensen and Mark Seifert) are:

upcoming works

Licensed properties

Notable adaptations of licensed properties include was Alternate Universe of Bad

Science fiction series, such as:

Horror series, such as:

Other media

Adaptations from other media (and reprints):

Original works

Avatar also publishes original works by comic creators:

Former notable series as Normal


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