Autostrada A1 (Italy)

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A1 Motorway
Autostrada A1
Autostrada del Sole
Route information
Part of E35 and E45
Length: 759.6 km (472.0 mi)
Existed: 1964 – present
Major junctions
North end: A50 / A51 in Milan
  A21 in Piacenza
A15 in Parma
A22 / SS 12 in Modena
A13 / A14 in Bologna
A11 / RA 3 in Florence
RA 6 in Bettolle-Valdichiana
SS 3 bis / SS 675 in Terni
A1 dir / GRA in Fiano Romano
A24 / GRA in Lunghezza
A1 dir / GRA in San Cesareo
A30 in Caserta
South end: A3 / A16 in Naples
Regions: Lombardy, Emilia-Romagna, Tuscany, Umbria, Lazio, Campania
Highway system

Autostrade of Italy

Highway at Reggio Emilia
SS 675 highway near A1 interchange at Orte

The Autostrada A1, or Autostrada del Sole, literally "Motorway of the Sun" or Autosole, is an Italian motorway that connects Milan with Naples via Bologna, Florence, and Rome. At 754 km, it is the longest Italian autostrada and is considered the spinal cord of the country's road network.
It is a part of the E35 and E45 European roads.

A substantial section of New A1 is being constructed south of Bologna to provide a safer mountain crossing in bad weather. This section is named the Variante di Valico. The current parallel route will continue to be designated as a motorway ].


Building works began in 1956, and the entire track was opened on 4 October 1964 by then-prime minister Aldo Moro. All the 1950s and 1960s administrations wanted this major infrastructure project to be completed as quickly as possible, as it was a great boost for the national economy.

The part between Rome and Naples was originally numbered A2, but was incorporated into A1 following the opening of Rome bypass from Fiano Romano to San Cesareo on July 21, 1988.

The road was first built to allow transport from South Italy to France during the reign of Louis XIV, known as the Sun King (or "Re Sole" in Italian).


Autostrada del Sole
Exit↓km↓↑km↑ProvinceEuropean Route
Tangenziale Est
San Donato Milanese
-1,6 759,6 MI
Milano P.le Corvetto
Metanopoli - Old Motorway
1,5 758,1 MI
San Giuliano Milanese2,8 756,8 MI
Tangenziale Ovest 4,4 755,2 MI
road toll if going to Milan
8,7 750,2 MI
Toll gate Milano sud 8,9 749,7 MI
Rest area "San Zenone" 15,1 745 MI
Lodi22,7 737 LO
Casalpusterlengo37,9 722LO
Rest area "Somaglia" 43,5 716 LO
Piacenza Nord50,7 710 LO
Torino - Brescia
56,428 PC
Torino - Brescia
57,134 PC
Piacenza Sud58,162 PC
Rest area Bidirezionale "Arda"74,3 687 PC
75,0 687 PC
Fidenza - Salsomaggiore Terme91,4 670PR
La Spezia 103,0 658 PR
Parma110,4 651PR
Rest area "San Martino" 115,1 646PR
Reggio Emilia138,1 622RE
Brennero 156,1 605MO
Rest area "Secchia" 157,5 604MO
Modena Nord158,6 603MO
Modena Sud171,8 589MO
Ancona 189,8 571 BO
Tangenziale di Bologna
Bologna Casalecchio - Ancona
196,1 565BO
Rest area "Cantagallo" 199 BO
Sasso Marconi207 553BO
Rioveggio223 537BO
Pian del Voglio237 523BO
Rest area "Roncobilaccio" 242 518BO
Roncobilaccio242 519BO
Rest area "Aglio" 256 504 FI
Barberino262 498 FI
Calenzano - Sesto Fiorentino278 482 FI
Rest area "Bisenzio" 279 481 FI
Pisa nord280 480FI
Firenze Nord280 480 FI
Firenze Scandicci
286 474FI
Firenze Impruneta previous "Firenze-Impruneta"
Siena - Autopalio
295 465FI
Firenze Sud301 459FI
Rest area "Chianti"305 455FI
Incisa320 440 FI
Rest area Reggello 321 439FI
Valdarno336 424AR
Arezzo358 402 AR
Rest area "Badia al Pino" 362 398AR
Monte San Savino372 388AR
Rest area "Lucignano" 381 379AR
Valdichiana - Bettolle - Sinalunga
Raccordo Siena - Bettolle - Perugia
385 375SI
Rest area "Montepulciano"395 365SI
Chiusi - Chianciano410 350SI
Rest area "Fabro" 428 332TR
Fabro428 332TR
Orvieto451 309TR
Rest area "Tevere" 465 VT
Attigliano479 281TR
Rest area "Giove"481 279TR
Strada Statale 675 Umbro-Laziale-Viterbo
491 269VT
Magliano Sabina501 259RI
Rest area "Flaminia"509 251RM
Ponzano Romano - Soratte516 244RM
Roma nord - GRA 531 229RM
Rest area "Mascherone" 536 224RM
L'Aquila - Teramo 562 198RM
Rest area "Prenestina" 566 194RM
Roma sud - GRA 576 184RM
Valmontone585 175RM
Colleferro593 167RM
Anagni - Fiuggi611 149 FR
Rest area "La Macchia" 613 147FR
Ferentino619 141FR
Frosinone624 136FR
Ceprano644 116FR
Pontecorvo659 101FR
Rest area "Casilina"660 100FR
Cassino670 90FR
San Vittore679 81FR
Caianello701 59CE
Rest area "Teano" 708 52CE
Capua729 31CE
Santa Maria Capua Vetere720 40CE
Caserta Nord734 26CE
Rest area "San Nicola"737 23CE
Salerno 739 21CE
Toll gate Napoli Nord740 20CE
Caserta Sud741 19CE
Pomigliano - Villa Literno
Asse di Supporto
743 17NA
Afragola - Acerra
Asse Mediano
749 11NA
Bari 753 7NA
Casoria - Napoli Nord754 4 NA
Diramazione Capodichino
Tangenziale di Napoli
755 5NA
Rest area "Masseria"755 5NA
Napoli Centro Direzionale
SS 162dir
758 2NA
Salerno - Reggio Calabria 760 0NA

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