Autoclave (band)

Background information
Origin Washington, D.C., United States
Genres Alternative rock, indie rock
Years active 1990–1991
Labels Dischord
Associated acts Helium, Slant 6
Past members Mary Timony
Christina Billotte
Nikki Chapman
Melisa Berkoff

Autoclave was an American alternative rock band, based in Washington, D.C. They were on local label Dischord Records. Formed in the summer of 1990, the group consisted of vocalist and bassist Christina Billotte, lead guitarist Mary Timony, guitarist Nikki Chapman, and drummer Melissa Berkoff.[1]

The group broke up in May 1991, with Timony forming Helium and Billotte forming Slant 6.[2] Timony later participated in several short-lived side-projects, and released solo albums on Lookout! and Matador,[1] before forming Wild Flag in 2010 with ex-members of Sleater-Kinney.

Autoclave became known for their intelligent, off-kilter brand of rock, which featured the use of compound and changing meters, thus affiliating them to some extent with the math rock movement.


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