Aurel Aldea

Aurel Aldea
Born 18 March 1887
Slatina, Romania
Died 17 October 1949 (1949-10-18) (aged 62)
Aiud prison
Occupation general, resistance leader

Aurel Aldea (18 March 1887 – 17 October 1949) was a Romanian general and anti-communist resistance leader.


Born in Slatina in 1887, he served briefly as Minister of the Interior in the Constantin Sănătescu government of Romania. Afterwards, he served as the Commander-in-Chief of Territorial Command. After the Soviet occupation of Romania he coordinated a "National Resistance Movement" in opposition to the communist regime. His efforts were part of the Romanian anti-communist resistance movement.

In 1946 he was condemned to life in prison for his resistance efforts. He died in Aiud prison in 1949.

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