Country: Germany
State: Bavaria
Admin.region: Schwaben
District:  Aichach-Friedberg
Municipality: Affing
Coordinates: 48° 27′ N, 10° 58′ E
Elevation: 475 m  (1558 ft)
Population: 460 (2008)
Postal code: 86444 (old: 8901)
Area code: 08207
Licence plate code: AIC (old: FDB)

Aulzhausen is a village in the municipality Affing near Augsburg (8 km) in the district of Aichach-Friedberg, in Swabia - Bavaria, southern Germany.


Aulzhausen is located on State Road 2035 (Augsburg - Neuburg). It is approximately six kilometers away from the A8 motorway Augsburg-East or from Augsburg Airport and about eight kilometers away from Augsburg.


German-Polish reconciliation 1994

Cemetery monument

The St. Laurence and Elizabeth Catholic Cemetery monument inscribed "Bete für die Verstorbenen und wirke für den Frieden" Translation: "Pray for the dead and act for peace." Another marker there says, "Den Gefallenen zum Gedenken" ("In order to remember the fallen") Chart showing that "11 fell 1914-18, 36 fell 1939-45, 6 missing 1939-45."

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Coordinates: 48°26′40″N 10°57′55″E / 48.44444°N 10.96528°E / 48.44444; 10.96528

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