Augusta Fitzalan-Howard, Duchess of Norfolk

The Hon. Augusta Mary Minna Catherine Lyons (August 1st, 1821 in Torquay, Devon - 22 March 1886 Norfolk House, St James's Square, London), or Minna as she was more commonly known, was the younger daughter of Edmund Lyons (later 1st Baron Lyons, of Christchurch) by his wife Augusta Louisa (née Rogers).

In 1838/9 Minna was residing with her parents in Athens, her father being the then British Minister to Greece. It was around this time that Henry Granville Fitzalan-Howard, 14th Duke of Norfolk, then Lord Fitzalan, who was travelling on the Continent, became a guest of Sir Edmund Lyons. Whilst a guest, Lord Fitzalan was laid-up with an attack of fever and nursed back to health by the young Minna who he subsequently fell in love with and went on to marry on 19 June 1839. There were eleven children of this union.

Minna, Duchess Dowager of Norfolk died on 22 March 1886 and was buried at Fitzalan Chapel on the grounds of Arundel Castle.


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