August Lindberg

For the actor, see August Lindberg (actor).
Lindberg in front of the LO headquarters in Stockholm, 1949.

August Lindberg (6 September 1885, Älvkarleby, Uppsala County – 15 July 1966, Stockholm) was a Swedish trade union organizer. He was a sawmill worker by profession, and belonged to the Swedish Saw Mill Industry Workers Union (Swedish: Svenska sågverksindustriarbetarförbundet, SSIAF). Lindberg was chairman of the Swedish Trade Union Confederation (Swedish: Landsorganisationen i Sverige, LO) from 1936-1947.[1] He was also a member of the Swedish Social Democratic Party (Swedish: Sveriges socialdemokratiska arbetarparti, SAP).[2]

Lindberg was a proponent of cooperation between the LO and the Swedish Employers Association (Swedish: Svenska arbetsgivareföreningen, SAF), which resulted in the signing of the Saltsjöbaden Agreement in 1938.[3]


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