Auberge d'Allemagne, Birgu

Auberge d'Allemagne
Berġa ta' Alemanja
General information
Status Destroyed, some inner rooms survive
Type Auberge
Architectural style Melitan
Location Birgu, Malta
Address No. 7a–7b, Victory Square
Coordinates 35°53′17.2″N 14°31′20.1″E / 35.888111°N 14.522250°E / 35.888111; 14.522250Coordinates: 35°53′17.2″N 14°31′20.1″E / 35.888111°N 14.522250°E / 35.888111; 14.522250
Completed 16th century
Destroyed 1940s
Technical details
Material Limestone
Floor count 2

The Auberge d'Allemagne (Maltese: Auberge d'Allemagne) was an auberge in Birgu, Malta. It was built in the 16th century to house knights of the Order of Saint John from the langue of Germany.

The auberge was a two-storey building constructed in the traditional Maltese style, and the rear of the building was linked to Auberge d'Angleterre. It had a Maltese-style staircase, with mouldings on the façade.[1]

The langue of Germany moved to a new Auberge d'Allemagne in Valletta in the 1570s. The Birgu auberge was initially used as a private residence, before being converted into a casa bottega.[1] The building was included on the Antiquities List of 1925, together with the other auberges in Birgu.[2]

Victory Square in 2013, with the site of the auberge in the centre

The auberge was heavily damaged by aerial bombardment during World War II, and only some inner rooms survived the bombing. The site was rebuilt as a four-storey apartment block between 1961 and 1963, incorporating the remains of the auberge into the new building.[1]

The remains were scheduled as a Grade 3 property on 22 December 2009,[1] and they are also listed on the National Inventory of the Cultural Property of the Maltese Islands.[3]


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