Atlanta Fringe Festival

The Atlanta Fringe Festival was conceived in 2010 by a small group of art and theatre lovers. The festival debuted in Atlanta, Georgia. May 9–13, 2012. The festival has attracted performers from all over the United States, including actors, dancers, comedians and aerialists. In its inaugural year, the Atlanta Fringe Festival received over 40 performance submissions. Like the original Fringe Festival in Edinburgh, Scotland, the Atlanta Fringe is a non-juried event that showcases both professional and experimental theatre. AFF is currently accepting submissions for the second annual edition of the festival, slated for June 6–9, 2013.


Non-juried Performances

The Atlanta Fringe Festival is nonjuried—judges do not select the shows appearing in the festival. Instead, the performers submitted applications and were chosen by lottery. In 2012, there will be 29 opportunities to see the shows offered by the festival. During the Atlanta Fringe, the performances will be available at six venues including Beacon Dance, Core Dance, Mask Center, Horizons School Theatre, Horizons School Gym and Wonderroot.

Radio Fringe

The Atlanta Fringe Festival is the first Fringe to have a radio play component. The audio submissions will be made available on the festival’s website. There is a $2 fee for listeners to gain access to Radio Fringe. The categories for Radio Fringe include radio plays, storytelling and sound art. The artists were selected on a first-come, first-served basis.

Easter Art Hunt

On March 31, 2012 the Atlanta Fringe Festival hosted its inaugural Easter Art Hunt in Grant Park, the fourth largest park in Atlanta. At this event, participants searched for and kept free artwork from Atlanta-area artists. Hundreds of people found over 100 art pieces hidden throughout Grant Park.

AFF Workshops

Early in 2012, the Atlanta Fringe offered five business workshops for artists. The workshop facilitators were professionals in their respective areas. The topics discussed at the workshops were managing volunteers, producing a show, copyrighting original works, grant writing and corporate funding.

The Shows

2012 Live Performing Companies

Bottled Lighting, Atlanta

NOCO/fresNO dance COllective, California

The Adventures of Les Kurkendaal, California

Princess Dragon Productions, North Carolina

Tonya Jone Miller, Oregon

OnStage Atlanta, Atlanta

Twinhead Theatre, Atlanta

Purple Crush Productions, New York

O.C.I. Entertainment LLC, Maryland

Thimblerig Circus, Atlanta

The Circle Ensemble Theatre of Athens, GA presents "ATTIC" by Daniel Guyton

Twilight Productions, Indiana

Fish and Bicycle Theatre Co., New York

55BC, Tennessee

Suburban Vampire Productions, Atlanta

Beth Marshall Presents, Tennessee

Red Button Productions, Atlanta

The W Projects, North Carolina

Mixed Revues, Atlanta

Nick Shackleford Productions, Virginia

Performance Gallery, Ohio

Sara L. Gammaro, Italy

Hot Toddies Flaming Cabaret, Atlanta

Sobers & Godley, New York

The Great Ben Egerman Theatre Adventure!, Minnesota

2012 Radio Performances

The Cleansed

Interactive Care

The Leviathan Chronicles: The Dramatist

Pussy General: The Coming Out Story

Skull Lake

String Theory

Blues for Johnny Raven

The Master's Hungry Children


Radio Star


Every Now and Then


Steering Committee

Diana Brown, Executive Director

Molly Kristyn, Director of Operations

Cherry DelRosario, Design Director

Brittany Harper, Marketing & Ticketing Manager

Michael Tesney, Radio Director

Rachel Teagle, Volunteer Coordinator

Evelyn Danielle, Workshop Coordinator

Nadia Morgan, Production Coordinator

Jessica L. Bodiford, Development Coordinator

Armond Brown, Development Coordinator

Laura Bayless, Hospitality Coordinator

Tessa Buffington, Legal Liaison

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