Athanase Louis Marie de Loménie, comte de Brienne

Loménie de Brienne, colonel in the régiment d'Artois (private collection).

Louis-Marie-Athanase de Loménie, comte de Brienne (1730 – 10 May 1794) was a French officer and politician, who was guillotined during the French Revolution.


He was from the younger branch of the Lomenie Flavignac family originating in Limousin, which became in the seventeenth century the house of Brienne. Louis-Marie-Athanasius was the younger brother of Cardinal Etienne-Charles de Lomenie de Brienne, Minister of Louis XVI. As Lieutenant General of the armies of the king, he commanded the Royal regiment of Artois from 1747 to 1762. Appointed Secretary of State for War from 1787 to 1788, he was guillotined on 21 Floreal Year II (10 May 1794) with four other members of his family and Élisabeth de France.

He was Marquis de Moy and lord of Vendeuil by marrying Etiennette Fizeau Clémont, who was the daughter of a wealthy mill owner in Saint-Quentin. He rebuilt the castle of Brienne in Paris, and bought a beautiful town house in the Rue Saint-Dominique called Hotel de Brienne, current residence of the Minister of the Army.

Athanase de Brienne and Etiennette Fizeaux had a son, François-Alexandre-Antoine Lomenie, Vicomte de Brienne, commanding officer of the 12th regiment of chasseur à cheval, who was guillotined on 21 Floreal Year II at the age of 36 years. His widow, Madame de Montbreton, died in 1851; Brienne-le-Château was then sold to the Princesse de Bauffremont.

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Political offices
Preceded by
Louis Auguste Le Tonnelier de Breteuil
Secretary of State for War
23 September 1787 – 30 November 1788
Succeeded by
Louis Pierre de Chastenet de Puységur
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