At-Bashi River

At-Bashi River (Атбаши)
At-Bashi River
Country Kyrgyzstan
Region Naryn Province
District At-Bashi District
Source confluence of Ulan River and Jany-Jer River
 - elevation 2,837 m (9,308 ft)
 - coordinates KG 41°19′15″N 76°40′00″E / 41.32083°N 76.66667°E / 41.32083; 76.66667
Mouth Naryn River
 - elevation 1,807 m (5,928 ft)
 - coordinates KG 41°22′20″N 75°35′55″E / 41.37222°N 75.59861°E / 41.37222; 75.59861Coordinates: KG 41°22′20″N 75°35′55″E / 41.37222°N 75.59861°E / 41.37222; 75.59861
Length 180 km (112 mi)
Basin 5,540 km2 (2,139 sq mi)

The At-Bashi River (Kyrgyz: Атбашы дарыясы) is a left tributary of the Naryn River in Naryn Province of Kyrgyzstan. The river is formed at the north slope of Jangy-Jer Range by confluence of rivers Ulan and Jangy-Jer. The basic hydrological characteristics are: length - 180`km, watershed - 5,540 km², average altitude - 3,060 m, annual average flow rate - 33.1 m³/s, and average specific discharge - 5.98 l/s•km² [1] Settlements located along the banks of At-Bashi River include: At-Bashi, Taldy Suu, Bosogo.


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