Association of Education Sororities

The Association of Education Sororities (AES) was the umbrella organization for teachers' sororities. AES operated in the United States from 1916 to 1947.


(The following information taken from The Golden Years with Pi Kappa Sigma, 1949.)

In 1916, Sigma Sigma Sigma and Alpha Sigma Alpha formed a "panhellenic in education". Invitations were granted to Pi Kappa Sigma and Delta Sigma Epsilon in 1917. At the third national convention, the four sororities changed the name from Association of Panhellenic Sororities to "Association of Education Sororities". Per the official meeting minutes, the name change was to "establish definitely professional standing in Hellas".

Three other sororities were admitted to AES membership: Theta Sigma Upsilon (1925), Alpha Sigma Tau (1926), Pi Delta Theta (1931). Pi Delta Theta was eventually absorbed by Delta Sigma Epsilon (p. 476).

Biennial conferences were held regularly from 1917 through 1947.

The AES had local units on campus and in larger cities.

Joining the National Panhellenic Conference

(Also from The Golden Years with Pi Kappa Sigma, 1949)

From 1915 through 1926, National Panhellenic Conference (NPC) and AES sororities operated chapters in the same colleges and universities. In 1926, the NPC and AES made an agreement "defining fields of activities of each panhellenic". There was competition between NPC and AES sororities, and dual memberships were often held.

In November 1947, at a conference in Colorado Springs, Colorado, the NPC considered and granted associate membership "with reservations" to the six AES sororities. The AES was holding its meeting when it was notified of the NPC decision. "When notification was received concerning the action of N.P.C. [sic], the Association completed the necessary business and took formal action to dissolve the Association of Education Sororities" (p. 478).

Dual memberships in NPC sororities were not allowed, so women who belong to two sororities had to choose between their NPC or former AES sorority. The NPC also required former AES sororities to close chapters at unaccredited colleges.

On June 1, 1948, the six former member organizations of AES were granted NPC associate membership and full membership in 1951.


Social Precedents and Sorority Ethics (1935) was a small guide written by three members of AES sororities. Lula McPherson (Pi Delta Theta), Zoe Davis Gose (Sigma Sigma Sigma), and Wilma Wilson Sharp (Alpha Sigma Alpha) guided readers in proper social etiquette and sorority behavior.


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