Association of College Honor Societies

The Association of College Honor Societies (ACHS) is a predominantly American group that serves a number of functions with respect to national collegiate and post-graduate honor societies. ACHS coordinates member organizations, facilitates communications between them, and provides both scholarships and an outlet for publication to members. ACHS member societies undergo periodic audits to validate their adherence to ACHS standards and their qualification for membership and ACHS certification.

ACHS was formed in 1925 to create a network of affiliated societies and promote high standards for scholarship and leadership on campus. The intention of the founding societies was to establish and maintain desirable standards for groups wishing to call themselves honor societies. These standards include criteria for membership, governance and chapter operation.[1] Four organizations were represented at a preliminary meeting held on October 2, 1925. They were Alpha Omega Alpha, the Order of the Coif, Phi Beta Kappa, and Sigma Xi.

While ACHS certifies each of its members as legitimate, credible organizations, not all legitimate honor societies apply for membership in ACHS. Factors to evaluate in determining a non-member honor society's legitimacy include setting a high bar for minimum scholastic criteria, membership participation in society governance, membership invitation through campus chapters, and organizational transparency.

The honor society standards set by the Association of College Honor Societies are recognized by the U.S. government's Office of Personnel Management for entry into government employment at GS-7 Level: "Applicants can be considered eligible based on membership in one of the national scholastic honor societies listed... by the Association of College Honor Societies. Agencies considering eligibility based on any society not included in the following list must ensure that the honor society meets the minimum requirements of the Association of College Honor Societies.[2]" As such, the Association of College Honor Societies is the nation's only certifying agency for college and university honor societies.

List of member organizations

66 organizations are affiliated with the ACHS:[3]

Society Discipline Processional colors[4]
Alpha Beta Gamma Business Red and Gold Medallion on Red and Black Ribbon,
Stole: Sapphire Blue with Emblem in Gold. Advisors different.
Alpha Chi All Academic Fields Honor Gold or Blue and Green
Alpha Epsilon Agricultural, Food, and Biological Engineering
Alpha Epsilon Delta Premedicine Red and Violet
Alpha Epsilon Rho Electronic Media Green and Gold (1999)
Alpha Eta Mu Beta Biomedical Engineering
Alpha Iota Delta Decision Sciences and Information Systems Green and Gold
Alpha Kappa Delta Sociology Teal
Alpha Kappa Mu All Academic Fields Royal Blue and White (2000)
Alpha Lambda Delta Freshman Scholarship Red, Gold, and White (1924)
Alpha Phi Sigma Criminal Justice Blue and Gold
Alpha Pi Mu Industrial Engineering White Satin with Gold Logo
Alpha Sigma Lambda Continuing Education and Lifelong Learning
Alpha Sigma Mu Metallurgy and Materials Engineering Silver and Gold (2004)
Alpha Sigma Nu General Scholarship - Jesuit Institutions of Higher Education Gold Medallion on Maroon Ribbon
Beta Gamma Sigma Business and Management Gold Cord, Yale Blue Tassel, Gold Wrap and Yale Blue Cord,
Gold Tassel, Yale Blue Wrap
Beta Kappa Chi Natural Sciences and Mathematics Royal Blue
Beta Phi Mu Library & Information Studies and Information Technology Purple and White (1948)
Chi Epsilon Civil Engineering Purple and White (and collars)
Chi Sigma Iota Professional Counseling Blue and White (1985)
Delta Epsilon Sigma General Scholarship in Colleges and
Universities with a Catholic Tradition
Gold and Maroon (1939)
Delta Mu Delta Business Administration Purple and Gold
Delta Tau Alpha Agriculture Hunter Green and Harvest Gold (2005)
Epsilon Pi Tau Professions in Technology Blue, Gold, and White
Gamma Theta Upsilon Geography Brown, Light Blue, and Gold
Kappa Delta Pi Education Purple and Jade Green
Kappa Mu Epsilon Mathematics
Kappa Omicron Nu Human Sciences Burgundy and Cream (1990), Medallion: Gold/Burgundy
w/ Burgundy Ribbon
Kappa Tau Alpha Journalism and Mass Communication Blue and Gold (2002)
Lambda Iota Tau Literature of all Languages Purple and Gold
Lambda Pi Eta Communication Red, White, and Gold
Lambda Sigma Student Leadership, Scholarship and Service Blue and Gold (1976)
Mortar Board Scholarship, Leadership and Service Gold and Silver tassel w/Mortar Board Fob (1980),
stole: Gold with Logo, medallion: White Ribbon with Logo
Mu Kappa Tau Marketing Navy
National Society of Collegiate Scholars Scholarship, Leadership & Service Burgundy and Gold
Omega Chi Epsilon Chemical Engineering Maroon and White
Omega Rho Operations Research & Management Science Blue and Red
Omicron Delta Epsilon Economics Blue and Gold (1998)
Phi Beta Delta International Scholars
Phi Sigma Biological Sciences, All Pure and Applied Fields Yellow, Green, and White
Phi Sigma Iota Foreign Languages, Linguistics, Literatures, ESL, & Cultures Purple and White (2008)
Phi Sigma Tau Philosophy White and Purple
Phi Upsilon Omicron Family and Consumer Sciences Yellow, White, and Purple (1993)
Pi Alpha Alpha Public Affairs and Administration Light Blue and Yellow
Pi Delta Phi French Blue, White, and Red
Pi Gamma Mu Social Sciences Royal Blue and White (1994)
Pi Kappa Lambda Music
Pi Omega Pi Business Education Silver, Royal Blue, and Gold
Pi Sigma Alpha Political Science Red, White, and Black
Pi Tau Sigma Mechanical Engineering
Pi Theta Epsilon Occupational Therapy Navy and Gold
Psi Beta Psychology at Two-Year Colleges Royal Blue and Gold
Psi Chi Psychology Navy and Platinum with Navy and Platinum Tassels (2008)
Rho Chi Pharmacy Royal Purple and White (2001)
Scabbard and Blade, National Society of Reserve Officer Training Corps
Sigma Beta Delta Business, Management, and Administration Hunter Green and Gold
Sigma Delta Pi Spanish Red and Yellow Gold
Sigma Lambda Alpha Landscape Architecture Gold and Green
Sigma Lambda Chi Construction Management Technology Green and Gold (1949), stole: Silver with Logo,
medallion: Green & Gold on Green & White Ribbon
Sigma Pi Sigma Physics Forest Green and Ivory (1921)
Sigma Tau Delta English Cardinal and Black (1924)
Sigma Theta Tau Nursing Orchid and White
Tau Alpha Pi Engineering Technology Green and Gold
Tau Beta Pi Engineering Orange and White (2005),
stole: White with Orange Bent (trestle symbol)
Tau Sigma Delta Architecture and Allied Arts
Theta Alpha Kappa Religious Studies / Theology Scarlet
Upsilon Pi Epsilon Computing and Information Disciplines Maroon and White, stole: White with Gold ΥΠΕ Logo


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