Assemblies of God in India

Assemblies Of God of India
Classification Protestant
Orientation Pentecostal
Associations World Assemblies of God Fellowship
Region India
Branched from World Assemblies of God Fellowship

The Assemblies of God of India is a Pentecostal Christian denomination in India and a member of the World Assemblies of God Fellowship. The Assemblies of God of India has 8,000 member churches[1] and operates an Assembly of God College in Bangalore.[2] The fellowship hosted the 2011 AG World Congress, the worldwide gathering of Assemblies of God leaders.[3] Dr. David Mohan, senior pastor of New Life Assembly of God church in Chennai, is the General Superintendent of the Assemblies of God of India.

The Assemblies of God of India is organized geographically: South India Assemblies of God, Assemblies of God of North India, Assemblies of God of East India. The four regional bodies govern their own internal affairs. The Assemblies of God of India is led by a general superintendent, assistant general superintendent, secretary, treasurer, and three executive members.

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