is a website for people with questions about or related to Judaism or who have a moral dilemma they wish to solve through Judaism. It offers live chatting and a database of questions that have been asked. The advice is given from a strictly religious point of view, as the website's goal is to educate people in Judaism. Questions are answered by employees of Chabad of California.[1]

30% of visitors to the site are non-Jewish.[2] The website does not operate on the Sabbath.[3] Many of the writings of Rabbi Simon Jacobson are syndicated on the site.[4]

Live chat

Once the user comes onto the site's home page, they can log in to the Java-based chat room. The chat time is limited by the scholar answering the question. The process is anonymous and free of charge. The director of the website is Rabbi Simcha Backman.[5] provides "24/6" service, meaning scholars are available for chatting 24 hours a day, but take the Sabbath off. Assistance is available in English, Hebrew, Russian, Spanish and French.


In addition to live advice, provides a database of answered questions on common topics relevant to Judaism, such as God, Jewish philosophy, Jewish holidays and the like.

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