Asian Cup Table Tennis Tournament

The Asian Cup Table Tennis Tournament is an annual table tennis tournament held by Asian Table Tennis Union (ATTU). The first edition of the Asian Cup was held in 1983, including singles events of both men's and women's. Only 16 invited players with a maximum of two players per association are allowed to participate in each event.[1] Starting from 2013, it is recognised as the qualification event for the Table Tennis World Cup.[2]


Men's singles

Year Host city Gold Silver Bronze
1983 Wuxi China Cai Zhenhua China Jiang Jialiang China Xie Saike
1984 New Delhi China Hui Jun China Cai Zhenhua China Xie Saike
1985 Singapore China Chen Longcan China Jiang Jialiang China Teng Yi
1986 Karachi China Wei Qingguang China Fan Changmao North Korea Kim Song-hui
1987 Seoul China Teng Yi China Chen Longcan South Korea Kim Ki-taik
1988 Manila China Wei Qingguang China Chen Longcan South Korea Kim Taek-soo
1989 Beijing Japan Kiyoshi Saito China Ma Wenge China Chen Longcan
Dhaka China Wang Yonggang South Korea Lee Chul-seung North Korea Kim Guk-chol
Manila North Korea Kim Guk-chol North Korea Kim Song-hui South Korea Lee Chul-seung
1992 Hong Kong China Ma Wenge South Korea Lee Sang-joon Hong Kong Lo Chuen Tsung
1993 Shunde North Korea Li Gun-sang China Wang Tao China Liu Guoliang
1994 Shanghai China Lin Zhigang China Xiong Ke South Korea Yoo Nam-kyu
1996 New Delhi China Ma Lin China Wang Liqin Japan Shinnosuke Kiho
1997 Pune China Guo Keli India Chetan Baboor China Lin Zhigang
2000 Mumbai China Chen Tianyuan China Hao Shuai India Chetan Baboor
Hong Kong Leung Chu Yan
2003 Tehran China Ye Ruoting South Korea Jong Kwan-hoyk China Zhang Yang
2004 Mahshahr Hong Kong Cheung Yuk China Xu Hui China Hou Yingchao
2005 New Delhi China Wang Hao China Hao Shuai Hong Kong Li Ching
Singapore Yang Zi
2006 Kobe China Wang Hao China Chen Qi Chinese Taipei Chiang Peng-Lung
2007 Hanoi Singapore Gao Ning South Korea Kim Jung-hoon Japan Jun Mizutani
2008 Sapporo China Ma Long China Chen Qi Singapore Gao Ning
2009 Hangzhou China Ma Long China Wang Hao China Zhang Jike
2010 Guangzhou China Zhang Jike Singapore Gao Ning China Xu Xin
2011 Changsha[b] China Ma Long China Xu Xin Japan Kaii Yoshida
2012 Guangzhou China Xu Xin Japan Maharu Yoshimura Hong Kong Jiang Tianyi
2013 Hong Kong China Xu Xin China Yan An Chinese Taipei Chuang Chih-yuan
2014 Wuhan China Ma Long China Fan Zhendong Japan Jun Mizutani
2015 Jaipur China Xu Xin China Fan Zhendong Japan Jun Mizutani
2016 Dubai China Xu Xin China Zhang Jike Hong Kong Wong Chun Ting

Women's singles

Year Host city Gold Silver Bronze
1983 Wuxi China Cao Yanhua China Tong Ling China Jiao Zhimin
1984 New Delhi China Tong Ling China Ni Xialian South Korea Lee Mi-woo
1985 Singapore China Jiao Zhimin China Ni Xialian North Korea Cho Jong-hui
1986 Karachi China Hu Xiaoxin China Zhu Juan North Korea Cho Jong-hui
1987 Seoul China Jiao Zhimin China Li Huifen South Korea Hyun Jung-hwa
1988 Manila China Deng Yaping China Li Huifen Hong Kong Chai Po Wa
1989 Beijing North Korea Yu Sun-bok China Qiao Hong Hong Kong Chai Po Wa
Dhaka North Korea Lee Jong-suk China Fan Jianxin China Zhang Qin
Manila China Liu Wei China Deng Yaping Hong Kong Chai Po Wa
1992 Hong Kong China Deng Yaping China Guo Jun Hong Kong Chan Tan Lui
1993 Shunde China Liu Wei China Qiao Hong North Korea Ri Pun-hui
1994 Shanghai China Qiao Hong South Korea Kim Moo-kyo Singapore Jing Junhong
1996 New Delhi China Wu Na China Li Ju Hong Kong Chai Po Wa
1997 Pune China Wang Chen South Korea Kim Boon-sik Japan Miyoko Takahashi
2000 Mumbai China Tang Yuan China Guo Yue Hong Kong Lao Sui Fei
Singapore Zhang Xueling
2003 Kitakyushu China Fan Ying China Jiang Huajun Hong Kong Tie Yana
2004[a] Kitakyushu Hong Kong Tie Yana Japan Ai Fukuhara Singapore Li Jiawei
2005 New Delhi China Guo Yan China Li Xiaoxia Hong Kong Tie Yana
Hong Kong Zhang Rui
2006 Kobe China Wang Nan Singapore Li Jiawei China Li Nan
2007 Hanoi Hong Kong Jiang Huajun Singapore Wang Yuegu Japan Kasumi Ishikawa
2008 Sapporo China Guo Yue Singapore Feng Tianwei Singapore Li Jiawei
2009 Hangzhou China Guo Yue China Liu Shiwen China Ding Ning
2010 Guangzhou China Liu Shiwen China Ding Ning Singapore Feng Tianwei
2011 Changsha[b] China Guo Yan Hong Kong Jiang Huajun China Guo Yue
2012 Guangzhou China Liu Shiwen China Wu Yang Singapore Li Jiawei
2013 Hong Kong China Liu Shiwen China Wu Yang Japan Kasumi Ishikawa
2014 Wuhan China Ding Ning China Li Xiaoxia Singapore Yu Mengyu
2015 Jaipur Singapore Feng Tianwei China Liu Shiwen China Zhu Yuling
2016 Dubai China Liu Shiwen China Li Xiaoxia Singapore Feng Tianwei

a.^ The 2004 Women's Asian Cup was postponed to November, 2005. And the 2005 Asian Cup was held in December of the same year.

b.^ The 24th Asian Cup was scheduled in Yokohama, Japan between March 26–27, 2011. Postponed by Japan Table Tennis Association due to associations’ withdrawal caused by the Tōhoku earthquake.[3]


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