Aruban People's Party

Aruban People's Party
Leader Mike Eman
Founder Henny Eman
Founded 1942[1]
Ideology Regionalism
Christian democracy
Political position Centre-right
International affiliation Centrist Democrat International
Colours      Green[2]
Estates of Aruba
13 / 21
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The Aruban People's Party (AVP; Dutch: Arubaanse Volkspartij, Papiamento: Partido di Pueblo Arubano) is a Christian democratic political party in Aruba founded in 1942.[1] AVP is an acronym for the Dutch name of the party.

At the 2001 elections, on 28 September 2001, the party won 26.7% of popular votes or 6 out of 21 seats. On 23 September 2005, the party won 38% of the popular vote or 8 out of 21 seats, making it the largest opposition party of the nation. In the 25 September 2009 election, the party came to power, winning 48% of the popular vote and 12 of the 21 seats. It held a majority in the Estates of Aruba obtaining 13 seats.


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