Artus Gouffier, Lord of Boissy

Artus Gouffier
Tomb of Artus Gouffier, in the collégiate church at Oiron.

Artus Gouffier de Boissy (6 September 1475 13 May 1519 in Montpellier) was a French nobleman and politician. He was duke of Roannez and pair de France, count of Étampes, count of Caravaggio, baron of Passavant, of Maulévrier, of Roanne, of la Mothe-Saint-Romain, of Bourg-Charente and of Saint-Loup, lord of Oiron, of Villedieu-sur-Indre, of Valence and of Cazamajor. He served as Grand Master of France and attempted to negotiate a lasting peace between France and the House of Habsburg at the time of his early death.


The eldest son of Guillaume Gouffier de Boisy, sénéchal of Saintonge, and of Philippine de Montmorency, he began his court career as a page to Charles VIII, who his father had served as preceptor. He accompanied Charles on the conquest of the Kingdom of Naples in 1495, as well as accompanying Louis XII of France to Italy.

French nobility
Preceded by
Claude of France
Count of Étampes
Succeeded by
Claude of France

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