Artemio Franchi Trophy

The Artemio Franchi Trophy was an official competition[1] held twice (1985 and 1993) between the champions of the European Football Championship and the Copa América. It was the national team equivalent to the Intercontinental Cup featuring the top European and South American clubs, and can be considered a precursor of the King Fahd Cup, played in 1992 for the first time and renamed the FIFA Confederations Cup after FIFA took over its organization for the third edition in 1997.

The trophy was named after the late Artemio Franchi, UEFA President from 1972 to 1983, when he died in a road accident.



August 21, 1985
(UEFA Euro 1984 winners)
20  Uruguay
(1983 Copa América winners)
Rocheteau  5'
Touré  56'
Parc des Princes
Paris, France

Attendance: 20,405
Referee: Abel Gnecco (Argentina)
GK 1Joël Bats
DF 2Michel Bibard
DF 4Yvon Le Roux
DF 5Maxime Bossis
DF 3William Ayache
MF 6Alain Giresse
MF 7Luis Fernández
MF 10Michel Platini (c)
MF 8Thierry Tusseau
FW 11José Touré
FW 9Dominique Rocheteau
Henri Michel
GK 1Rodolfo Rodríguez (c)
DF Víctor Diogo
DF Nelson Gutiérrez
DF Darío Pereyra
DF José Batista  77'
MF Mario Saralegui
MF Miguel Bossio
MF Sergio Santín
MF Venancio Ramos
FW Enzo Francescoli  77'
FW Gustavo Dalto
MF Jorge Barrios  77'
FW Wilmar Cabrera  77'
Omar Borrás


GK 1 Sergio Goycoechea
DF 2Jorge Borelli
DF 4 Nestor Craviotto  113'
DF 6Sergio Vázquez
DF 3 Ricardo Altamirano
MF 14 Diego Simeone
MF 5Alejandro Mancuso
MF 10Diego Maradona (c)
MF 20Leonardo Rodríguez  60'
FW 9Gabriel Batistuta
FW 7 Claudio Caniggia
DF Darío Franco  60'
MF 15Julio Saldaña  113'
Alfio Basile
GK 1Peter Schmeichel
DF 2Jakob Kjeldbjerg
DF 4Lars Olsen
DF 6 Torben Piechnik  38'
DF 3 Marc Rieper
MF 7 Johnny Mølby
MF 9 Bjarne Goldbæk
MF 8Kim Vilfort
MF 5Henrik Larsen  120'
FW 11 Brian Laudrup
FW 10Lars Elstrup
MF 13 Brian Nielsen  38'
MF Michael Larsen  120'
Richard Møller Nielsen


The third edition of the Artemio Franchi Trophy will be played in March 2018 in Milan, Italy and will involve four teams, adding the runners-up of both 2015 Copa América and UEFA Euro 2016 tournaments.[2]

However, this edition could be suspended due to misknowledge from both confederations. CONMEBOL Director of Competitions Hugo Figueredo claims that "personally, I don't know about that posibility", while the UEFA still declares the trophy as "defunct".[3] Instead, both confederations are planning a "Match of Champions" exhibition match between Chile and Portugal, as stated by current CONMEBOL President Alejandro Dominguez.[4]

Semi-finals Final
March - Milan
March - Milan
Third place
March - Milan March - Milan

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