Arran (organization)


Arran banner
Motto Als Països Catalans, el jovent seguem arran! (Catalan for "In the Catalan Countries, the young people mow level with!")
Formation 14 July 2012 (2012-07-14)
Catalan Countries
Over 800 [2]
Demonstration of Arran in Berga

Arran[3] (Catalan for "level with") is the youth organization of the Catalan Pro-Independence Left, result of the merger between Maulets and CAJEI and local groups (such as the Youth Assemblies of Terrassa, Sant Sadurní or Horta, a process which began in 2008 and concluded in 2012.

The organization announced its creation on Saturday 14 July 2012 in Berga, during the Rebrot Catalan youth gathering, which celebrated its eleventh edition, culminating in events at the Pi de les Tres Branques annual gathering.


Arran is defined as a marxist[1] youth organization that is committed to political and economic independence and reunification of the Catalan Countries, the attainment of socialism and overcoming patriarchy from a feminist perspective.[1]

The group also promotes other issues such as environmentalism, decent housing and work, anti-fascism, anti-racism, internationalist solidarity and the defense of public and people's education.

It adopts a horizontal structure and often works on a grassroots level.


On October 2013 Arran had presence in 38 counties all over the Catalan Countries and had over 700 members.[2]


The organization is distributed in local branches, which can be found in Valencia, the island of Majorca and it is spread across Catalonia.


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