Arnold Bode

Block of stamps issued in 2000, commemorating Bode and documenta III (1964)

Arnold Bode (23 December 1900 – 3 October 1977) was a German architect, painter, designer and curator.

Arnold was born in Kassel, Germany. From 1928 to 1933, he worked as a painter and university lecturer in Berlin. However, when the Nazis came to power they banned him from his profession. He returned to his home town of Kassel following the war.

Bode organised the first documenta exhibition in Kassel in 1955. This featured a broad overview of 20th-century art using large spaces in an innovative way. It was an unprecedented success. Bode organised three more documenta exhibitions, finishing with documenta 4. Others have since continued to produce regular documenta exhibitions in Kassel. Bode received the German Federal Cross of Merit in 1974.

Bode's daughter is Renee Nele.

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