Ark of Taste

The Ark of Taste is an international catalogue of endangered heritage foods which is maintained by the global Slow Food movement. The Ark is designed to preserve at-risk foods that are sustainably produced, unique in taste, and part of a distinct ecoregion. Contrary to the most literal definition of plant and animal conservation, the Ark of Taste aims to maintain edibles in its purview by actively encouraging their cultivation for consumption.[1] By doing so, Slow Food hopes to promote the growing and eating of foods which are sustainable and preserve biodiversity in the human food chain.

Foods included in the list are intended to be "culturally or historically linked to a specific region, locality, ethnicity or traditional production practice",[2] in addition to being rare. Which foods meet these criteria is decided by an adjudicating committee made up of members of the Slow Food nonprofit organization; all candidates go through a formal nomination process which includes tastings and identification of producers within the region.[3]

Since the foundation of the Ark in 1996, 800 products from over 50 countries have been included. The list includes not only prepared foods and food products, but also a great many livestock breeds, as well as vegetable and fruit cultivars. All foods in the catalogue are accompanied by a list of resources for those wishing to grow or buy them.

List of Ark of Taste foods

Ark of Taste foods in Italy

The sources for the Italian section, unless other specified, are the lists selectable from ‘Ark of Taste’, Fondazione Slow Food per la Biodiversità.

FoodState/regionFood type
Acquaviva red onionApuliaOnions
Bionda dell'AdamelloLombardyGoat breed
Aged Asiago cheeseVenetoCheese
Agerola Fior di LatteCampaniaCheeses and dairy products
Agerolese cattleCampaniaCattle breed
Agnone CaciocavalloMoliseCheeses and dairy products
Ahrntaler GraukäseTrentino-Alto Adige/SüdtirolCheeses and dairy products
Albenga Violet asparagusLiguriaVegetables
Alburni Caciocavallo PodolicoCampaniaCheeses and dairy products
Alcamo Porceddu melonSicilyFruit
Alpagota lambVenetoSheep breed
Altamurana sheepApuliaSheep breed
Amalfi Sfusato lemonCampaniaLemons
Ancona CrocettaMarcheFish
Aquilano CaciofioreAbruzzoCheeses and dairy products
Aspromonte CaprinoCalabriaCheeses and dairy products
Badalucco, Conio and Pigna beansLiguriaPulses
Bagnolese PecorinoCampaniaCheeses and dairy products
Bagnolese sheepCampaniaSheep breed
Bagolino BagòssLombardyCheeses and dairy products
Bale d'asuPiedmontCured meats
Banale CiuigheTrentino-Alto Adige/SüdtirolCured meats
Basilican Podolico CaciocavalloBasilicataCheeses and dairy products
Bazzone ProsciuttoTuscanyCured meats
Valle del Belice sheepSicilySheep breed
Belìce VasteddaSicilyCheeses and dairy products
Bella-Muro sausageBasilicataCured meats
Belmonte tomatoCalabriaTomatoes
Bergamot orangeCalabriaFruit
BettelmattPiedmontCheeses and dairy products
Biancoperla cornVenetoGrains/cereals
Bitter orange flower waterLiguria[4]Spirits
Bitto of the valleys around ValtellineLombardyCheeses and dairy products
Bivona peachSicilyPeaches
CalabreseCalabriaPig breed
CasertanaCampaniaPig breed
Black cherry wineMarcheMust and wine-based drinks
Black Sicilian beeSicilyBee breed
Bolli alla livornese[5] TuscanyCakes and biscuits
Bra SausagePiedmontCured meats
Brigasca sheepLiguriaSheep breed
Brigasca Sheep TomasLiguriaCheeses and dairy products
Bronte pistachioSicilyFruit
BruzzuLiguriaCheeses and dairy products
Buras applePiedmontApple variety
Burlina cattleVenetoCattle breed
Cabannina cattleLiguriaCattle breed
Cabras Mullet RoeSardiniaPreserved fish
CaciofioreApuliaCheeses and dairy products
Caciofiore of the Roman CountrysideLazioCheeses and dairy products
Calvana cattleTuscanyCattle breed
Calvilla applePiedmontApple variety
Campotosto MortadellasAbruzzoCured meats
Cancellara SausageBasilicataCured meats
CanestratoSicilyCheeses and dairy products
Canestrato PuglieseApuliaCheeses and dairy products
Cantiano Black CherryMarcheVegetable preserves
Capracotta PecorinoMoliseCheeses and dairy products
Caprauna turnipPiedmontVegetable variety
Capriglio pepper, peperone di CapriglioPiedmontPepper variety
Caprino OssolanoPiedmontCheeses and dairy products
Cardoon honeySardiniaHoneys
Carla applePiedmontApple variety
Carmagnola grey rabbitPiedmontRabbits
Carmagnola Ox-Horn PepperPiedmontPepper variety
CarmascianoCampaniaCheeses and dairy products
Carmignano Dried FigTuscanyVegetable preserves
CarniaVenetoCheeses and dairy products
Carnia or CucFriuli Venezia GiuliaCheeses and dairy products
Carpino Broad BeansApuliaBean variety
Casentino ProsciuttoTuscanyCured meats
CasizoluSardiniaCheeses and dairy products
Casola Chestnut BreadTuscanyBread
CasoperutoCampaniaCheeses and dairy products
Castagna Del Prete (chestnut)CampaniaVegetable preserves
Castel del Monte CanestratoAbruzzoCheeses and dairy products
Castelfranco VariegatoVenetoVegetables
Castellammare Violet ArtichokeCampaniaVegetables
Castelvetrano Black BreadSicilyBread
Casu AxeduSardiniaCheeses and dairy products
Casu MarzuSardiniaCheeses and dairy products
Cavalese CaprinoTrentino-Alto Adige/SüdtirolCheeses and dairy products
Certaldo OnionTuscanyOnion variety
Cervia Artisan Sea SaltEmilia RomagnaHerbs and aromas
Cetica Red PotatoTuscanyPotato variety
Ciaculli Late-Winter MandarinSicilyCitrus variety
CiarimboloMarcheCured meats
Ciavàr, mad sausageEmilia RomagnaCured meats
Cilavegna AsparagusLombardyVegetable variety
Cilentana GoatCampaniaGoat breed
Cilento Dotted FigCampaniaFruit
Cilento Goat CacioricottaCampaniaCheeses and dairy products
Cinisara cattleSicilyCattle breed
Cinisara Cattle CaciocavalloSicilyCheeses and dairy products
Cinque Terre SciacchetràLiguriaWine
Cinta Senese pigTuscanyPig breed
Classic MortadellaEmilia RomagnaCured meats
Coazze CevrinPiedmontCheeses and dairy products
Cocomerina PearEmilia RomagnaPear variety
Coggiola PalettaPiedmontCured meats
ColazFriuli Venezia GiuliaOven-baked product
Colli Bolognesi Sweet PecorinoEmilia RomagnaCheeses and dairy products
Colonnata LardTuscanyCured meats
Commercio AppleEmilia RomagnaApple variety
Conca Casale SignoraMoliseCured meats
Controne BeanCampaniaPulses
Corbara plum tomatoCampaniaTomato variety
Crotonese CanestratoCalabriaCheeses and dairy products
Dandelion honeyPiedmontHoney
Decollatura SoppressataCalabriaCured meats
Delia CuddrireddraSicilyCakes and biscuits
Desulo HamSardiniaCured meats
Diamante Smooth LimeCalabriaFruit variety
Dominici applePiedmontApple variety
Donkey salamiVenetoCured meats
Dried Calizzano and Murialdo ChestnutsLiguriaVegetable preserves
Etna Silver goatSicilyGoat breed
Etna Tabacchiera peachSicilyPeach variety
Fabriano SalameMarcheCured meats
Fagagna PestàtFriuli Venezia GiuliaCured meats
Farindola PecorinoAbruzzoCheeses and dairy products
Ferrandina baked olivesBasilicataVegetable preserve
Fig cakeMarcheCakes and biscuits
Filiano pecorinoBasilicataCheeses and dairy products
Finale Carla appleLiguriaApple variety
Fiore Sardo shepherds' cheeseSardiniaCheeses and dairy products
Florentine BardiccioTuscanyCured meats
Floresta ProvolaSicilyCheeses and dairy products
Formadi FrantFriuli Venezia GiuliaCheeses and dairy products
Fortore hamCampaniaCured meats
Frabosana sheepPiedmontSheep breed
Francesca appleEmilia RomagnaApple variety
Frisa goatLombardyGoat breed
Garbagna Bella cherryPiedmontCherries
Garfagnana BiroldoTuscanyCured meats
Garfagnana potato breadTuscanyBread
Garfagnina cattleTuscanyCattle breed
Garfagnina bianca sheepTuscanySheep breed
Gargano goatApuliaGoat breed
Podolica cattle from the GarganoApuliaCattle breed
Gargano Podolico CaciocavalloApuliaCheeses and dairy products
Gavi Testa in cassettaPiedmontCured meats
Giarratana OnionSicilyOnions
GiodduSardiniaCheeses and dairy products
Gioi SoppressataCampaniaCured meats
Girgentana GoatSicilyGoat breed
Goose in OntoVenetoPreserves
Gota (pig cheek salame)Emilia RomagnaCured meats
Grappa Morlacco CheeseVenetoCheeses and dairy products
Gravina PalloneApulia and BasilicataCheeses and dairy products
Gressoney TomaValle d'AostaCheeses and dairy products
Tyrolese Grey CattleTrentino-Alto Adige/SüdtirolCattle breed
Guilmi sausageAbruzzoCured meats
High mountain Agordo cheeseVenetoCheeses and dairy products
Horse coppiettaLazioCured meats
Iblei Mountains thyme honeySicilyHoney
Interdonato lemonSicilyLemon variety
Ischia Cave rabbitCampaniaRabbit
Lake Trasimeno beanUmbriaVegetables
Langan sheep tumaPiedmontCheeses and dairy products
Langhe sheepPiedmontSheep breed
Late-Harvest Leonforte PeachesSicilyPeach variety
Laticauda pecorinoCampaniaCheeses and dairy products
Laticauda sheepCampaniaSheep breed
Lemon-shaped CacioMarcheCheeses and dairy products
Leonforte broad beanSicilyPulses
Limoncella appleCampaniaApple variety
Lodi PanneroneLombardyCheeses and dairy products
Londa Regina peachesTuscanyPeach variety
MacagnPiedmontCheeses and dairy products
Madernassa pearPiedmontPear variety
Madonie MannaSicilyVegetable preserves
Madonie ProvolaSicilyCheeses and dairy products
Magghia MasculinaSicilyFish
Magnana applePiedmontApple variety
MaiorchinoSicilyCheeses and dairy products
Malga Mount VeroneseVenetoCheeses and dairy products
MallegatoTuscanyCured meats
MantecaBasilicata and Campania[6]Cheeses and dairy products
Mantovana pink appleEmilia RomagnaApple variety
Marceddì ArselleSardiniaFish
MarcettoAbruzzoCheeses and dairy products
MarcundelaFriuli Venezia GiuliaCured meats
MaremmanaTuscanyCattle breed
MariolaEmilia RomagnaCured meats
Martin Dubi pearPiedmontPear variety
Martin Sec pearPiedmontPear variety
Martina Franca CapocolloApuliaCured meats
Martinone pearPiedmontPear variety
MarzolinaLazioCheeses and dairy products
MarzoticaApuliaCheeses and dairy products
Masedu artichokeSardiniaVegetable variety
Matera breadBasilicataCattle breed
Materana Mountain PezzenteBasilicataCured meats
MazziLazioCured meats
Menaica anchoviesCampaniaPreserved fish
MercaSardiniaPreserved fish
Mezzago asparagusLombardyVegetable variety
Minuta oliveSicilyFruit
Bianca Modenese cattleEmilia RomagnaCattle breed
Moena PuzzoneTrentino-Alto Adige/SüdtirolCheeses and dairy products
MolanaLiguriaCheeses and dairy products
Moliterno CasiedduBasilicataCheeses and dairy products
Moliterno PecorinoBasilicataCheeses and dairy products
Monaco ProvoloneCampaniaCheeses and dairy products
Mondovì cornmeal biscuitsPiedmontOven-baked products
Monreale white plumsSicilyFruit variety
Montasio d'alpeggioFriuli Venezia GiuliaCheeses and dairy products
Monte Marzano PecorinoCampaniaCheeses and dairy products
Monte Poro PecorinoCalabriaCheeses and dairy products
MontéborePiedmontCheeses and dairy products
Montefalcone del Sannio CaprinoMoliseCheeses and dairy products
Montenero di Bisaccia VentricinaMoliseCured meats
Monti Sibillini pecorinoMarcheCheeses and dairy products
Montine asparagusVenetoVegetable variety
Montoro Bronze onionCampaniaOnionvariety
Mora Romagnola pigEmilia RomagnaPig breed
Morano FelciataCalabriaCheeses and dairy products
Mormanno lentilCalabria[7]Vegetables
Cappone di Morozzo, from Bionda Piemontese chickenPiedmontBreeds
Moscato Passito wine from Valle BagnarioPiedmontWines
Motta squared pepperPiedmontPepper variety
Mountain CastelmagnoPiedmontCheeses and dairy products
Mozzarella in MyrtleCampaniaCheeses and dairy products
Murianengo or MoncenisioPiedmontCheeses and dairy products
MusulupuCalabriaCheeses and dairy products
Napoletana goatCampaniaGoat breed
Napoli salamiCampaniaCured meats
Nassa shrimpCampaniaFish
Navelli saffronAbruzzoHerbs and aromas
Neapolitan papaccellaCampaniaVegetables
Nero dei Nebrodi pigSicilyPig breed
Nebrodi ProvolaSicilyCheeses and dairy products
Nizza Monferrato "hunchback" cardoonPiedmontVegetable variety
Noli anchoviesLiguriaFish
Non Valley MortandelaTrentino-Alto Adige/SüdtirolCured meats
Noto almondSicilyAlmond variety
Nùbia red garlicSicilyGarlic variety
Onano LentilLazioPulses
Orbetello BottargaTuscanyPreserved fish
Orobica goatLombardyGoat breed
Osilo PecorinoSardiniaCheeses and dairy products
Ottofile cornPiedmontGrains/cereals
Ozieri CopuletaSardiniaCakes and biscuits
PaddaccioBasilicataCheeses and dairy products
Padovana chickenVenetoChicken breeds
Pantelleria caperPantelleriaVegetable preserves
Pantesco donkeyPantelleriaDonkey breeds
Pantelleria Zibibbo grapesPantelleriaFruit variety
Peccioli Colombana grapesTuscanyFruit variety
Petuccia and PetaFriuli Venezia GiuliaCured meats
PiacentinoSicilyCheeses and dairy products
Bionda Piemontese chickenPiedmontChicken breeds
Piemontese cattlePiedmontCattle breeds
Piennolo small tomatoCampaniaTomato variety
Pietraroja ProsciuttoCampaniaCured meats
Pisci AffumauSardiniaPreserved fish
Pistoian Mountain PecorinoTuscanyCheeses and dairy products
PitinaFriuli Venezia GiuliaCured meats
Podolica cattleBasilicataCattle breeds
Poirino tenchPiedmontFish
Polizzi Badda beanSicilyPulses
PompìaSardiniaFruit variety
Ponzone baciato filetPiedmontCured meats
Portonovo wild musselMarcheFish
Poverello beanCalabriaPulses
Prato MortadellaTuscanyCured meats
PrescinseûaLiguriaCheeses and dairy products
Primiero mountain butter (Botìro di malga di Primiero)Trentino-Alto Adige/SüdtirolCheeses and dairy products
Procida lemonCampaniaLemon variety
Quarantina PotatoLiguriaPotato variety
Radìc di montFriuli Venezia GiuliaVegetable variety
Ragusa CarruboSicilyFruit variety
Ragusano donkeySicilyDonkey breeds
RagusanoSicilyCheeses and dairy products
Raschera d'alpeggioPiedmontCheeses and dairy products
RascoCalabriaCheeses and dairy products
ReblecValle d'AostaCheeses and dairy products
RebruchonPiedmontCheeses and dairy products
Reggiana cattleEmilia RomagnaCattle breeds
Rendena cattle VenetoCattle breeds
Resia garlicFriuli Venezia GiuliaGarlic variety
Rhododendron honeyPiedmontHoneys
Ribera vanilla orangeSicilyOrange variety
Ricotta ForteApuliaCheeses and dairy products
Ricotta InfornataSicilyCheeses and dairy products
Ricotta MustiaSardiniaCheeses and dairy products
Rimella CaprinoPiedmontCheeses and dairy products
Rivello SoperzataBasilicataCured meats
Robiola del BecPiedmontCheeses and dairy products
Robiola di Ceva or MondovìPiedmontCheeses and dairy products
Robiola of RoccaveranoPiedmontCheeses and dairy products
Roccaverano goatPiedmontGoat breed
Romagnola cattleEmilia RomagnaCattle breeds
Roman ConciatoCampaniaCheeses and dairy products
Roncallina appleLiguriaApple variety
Rosemary honeyApulia and Sardinia[8]Honeys
Rotonda red eggplantBasilicataVegetable variety
Rotonda tomatoBasilicataTomato variety
Runsé applePiedmontApple variety
Salama da SugoEmilia RomagnaCured meats
Salami with lengualLombardyCured meats
SalatoFriuli Venezia GiuliaCheeses and dairy products
Salina caperSicilyVegetable preserves
Bianca di Saluzzo chickenPiedmontChicken breed
SalvaLiguriaCheeses and dairy products
Sambucana lambPiedmontSheep breeds
San Gavino Monreale saffronSardiniaHerbs and aromas
San Gregorio Magno soppressataCampaniaCured meats
San Marzano tomatoCampaniaTomato variety
Sant'Agata dei Goti Annurca appleCampaniaAnnurca historical Italian apple cultivar
Sant'Angelo di Brolo SalamiSicilyCured meats
Sant'Erasmo purple artichokeVenetoVegetables
Santo Stefano di Sessanio LentilAbruzzoPulses
Santo Trentino wineTrentino-Alto Adige/SüdtirolWine
Saracena MoscatoCalabriaWine
Saras del fenPiedmontCheeses and dairy products
Sarconi beanBasilicataPulses
Sardo-modicana cattle SardiniaCattle breeds
SasakaFriuli Venezia GiuliaCured meats
Saviore valley FatulìLombardyCheeses and dairy products
Savoiarda sheepPiedmontSheep breed
Savona Chinotto sour orangeLiguriaCitrus variety
Savory honeyAbruzzoHoneys
Scipiona pearEmilia RomagnaPear variety
Scuete FumadeFriuli Venezia GiuliaCheeses and dairy products
Senise pepperBasilicataPepper variety
Serra de'Conti CicerchiaMarchePulses
SfrattoTuscanyCakes and biscuits
Sheep breed RaviggioloTuscanyCheeses and dairy products
Sibillini Mountains pink appleMarcheApple variety
Siena BuristoTuscanyCured meats
Sila SoppressataCalabriaCured meats
SlattatoMarcheCheeses and dairy products
Smoked horse meatTrentino-Alto Adige/SüdtirolCured meats
Smoked ricottaCalabriaCheeses and dairy products
Sole, Peio and Rabbi valleys CasolètTrentino-Alto Adige/SüdtirolCheeses and dairy products
Sopravissana sheepAbruzzoSheep breed
Sopravissana sheep pecorinoAbruzzoCheeses and dairy products
Sorana beanTuscanyPulses
Sorrentino tomatoCampaniaTomato variety
Sorrento lemonCampaniaLemon variety
Spadona pearEmilia RomagnaPears
Spalla crudaEmilia RomagnaCured meats
Spilinga NdujaCalabriaMeat byproducts
StilfserTrentino-Alto Adige/SüdtirolCheeses and dairy products
StracchinoLombardyCheeses and dairy products
StracciataAbruzzoCheeses and dairy products
StrachitundLombardyCheeses and dairy products
SusianellaLazioCured meats
Tenera Ascoli oliveMarcheVegetable preserves
Teresa appleLiguriaApple variety
Tergu salameSardiniaCured meats
TestunPiedmontCheeses and dairy products
Toma di BalmePiedmontCheeses and dairy products
Toma di ElvaPiedmontCheeses and dairy products
TombeaLombardyCheeses and dairy products
Torbole broccoliTrentino-Alto Adige/SüdtirolVegetables
Toritto almondApuliaNuts
Torriana grey applePiedmontApple variety
Tortona strawberryPiedmontStrawberries
Tortona Valley salamiPiedmontCured meats
Varzese Ottonese Tortonese cattle PiedmontCattle breeds
Tosco-Romagnolo Apennine RaviggioloEmilia RomagnaCheeses and dairy products
Traditional Alta Murgia breadApuliaBread
Traditional Cetara anchovy extractCampaniaPreserved fish
Traditional Genepy from the Cuneo valleysPiedmont[9]Spirits
Traditional marinated Comacchio Valleys eelEmilia RomagnaPreserved fish
Trapani Artisan sea saltSicilyHerbs and aromas
Trentino LuganegaTrentino-Alto Adige/SüdtirolCured meats
Trevi Black celeryUmbriaVegetables
Triora Alpeggio cheeseLiguriaCheeses and dairy products
Tuscan Sea palamitaTuscanyFish
Ur-PaarlTrentino-Alto Adige/SüdtirolBread
Ustica lentilSicilyPulses
Val Borbera Fagiolane (bean)PiedmontPulses
Val d'Ossola MortadellaPiedmontCured meats
Val Vigezzo hamPiedmontCured meats
Valchiavenna goat ViolinoLombardyCured meats
Valdarno chickenTuscanyChicken
Valdarno tareseTuscanyCured meats
Valfortorina sheepCampaniaSheep breed
Valle Argentina formaggettaLiguriaCheeses and dairy products
Vallesana goatPiedmontGoat breed
Valli Valdesi MustardelaPiedmontCured meats
Valtellina buckwheatLombardyGrains/cereals
Valtorta AgrìLombardyCheeses and dairy products
Vastese VentricinaAbruzzoCured meats
Verdello lemonSicilyLemon variety
Verzaschese goatLombardyGoat breed
Vessalico garlicLiguriaGarlic variety
VezzenaTrentino-Alto Adige/SüdtirolCheeses and dairy products
Villalba lentil, Lenticchia di VillalbaSicilyPulses
Volpina pearEmilia RomagnaPear variety
White Pertosa artichokesCampaniaVegetables
White watermelon mostardaLombardyPreserves
Wild lavender honeySardiniaHoneys
Zambana asparagusTrentino-Alto Adige/SüdtirolVegetables
Zeri lambTuscanyBreeds
Zeuca appleFriuli Venezia GiuliaApple variety
Zibello CulatelloEmilia RomagnaCured meats
Ziger or ZigerkäseTrentino-Alto Adige/SüdtirolCheeses and dairy products
Zolfino beanTuscanyPulses
Cartucciaro melon (Melone cartucciaro)[10]SicilyFruit
Favignana tuna fish roe (Bottarga di Favignana)[11]SicilyPreserved fish
Maletto strawberry (Fragola di Maletto)[12]SicilyFruit
Modicana cattle[13]SicilyBreeds
Monviso Valle Bronda Ramassin (Ramassin del Monviso Valle Bronda)[14]PiedmontFruit
Ribera alpine strawberry (Fragolina di Ribera)[15]SicilyFruit
Rose syrup (Sciroppo di rose)[16] Liguria

Ark of Taste foods in the United States

Ark of Taste Foods in the United States[17]
FoodNationState/regionFood type
Alaskan Birch syrupUnited StatesAlaska
Algonquin squashUnited States Squash
American Bronze turkeyUnited States Turkey
American Buff GooseUnited States Goose
American ButternutUnited States Nuts
American ChestnutUnited States Nuts
American ChinchillaUnited States Rabbit
American Native PecanUnited States Nuts
Greenthread teaUnited States Beverage
ShrubUnited States Beverage
New Orleans French breadUnited States Bread
Piki breadUnited States Bread
Creole cream cheeseUnited States Cheese product from New Orleans also used in ice cream
Dry Monterey Jack CheeseUnited StatesCaliforniaCheeses and dairy products
Bay scallopUnited States Fish and shellfish
Delaware Bay oysterUnited States Fish and shellfish
GeoduckUnited States Fish and shellfish
Louisiana oyster United States Fish and shellfish
Marbled Chinook salmonUnited States Fish and shellfish
Olympia oysterUnited States Fish and shellfish
Wild catfishUnited States Fish and shellfish
Wild Gulf Coast shrimpUnited States Fish and shellfish
Reefnet Salmon Fishing MethodUnited StatesNorthern Puget SoundFish and shellfish
Lake Michigan WhitefishUnited States Fish and shellfish
Capitol Reef AppleUnited StatesFruita, UtahApples
Granite BeautyUnited StatesNew HampshireApples
Harrison Cider Apple United StatesNew JerseyApples
Hauer Pippin United StatesCaliforniaApples
Newtown PippinUnited StatesQueens, New YorkApples
Gravenstein United StatesSebastopol, CaliforniaApples
Sierra BeautyUnited StatesCaliforniaApples
Blenheim ApricotUnited States Apricots
Fuerte avocadoUnited States Avocados
Puebla avocadoUnited States Avocados
Wilson Popenoe avocadoUnited States Avocados
Black Republican cherryUnited States Cherries
Black Sphinx dateUnited States Dates
Bronx grapeUnited States Grapes
Meyer lemonUnited StatesCentral Coast of CaliforniaLemons
Hatcher mangoUnited States Mangos
Pantin mamey sapoteUnited States Sapote
Crane melonUnited States Fruit
California Mission oliveUnited States Fruit
Inland Empire Old-Grove orangeUnited States Fruit
Louisiana SatsumaUnited States Fruit
PawpawUnited States Fruit
Baby CrawfordUnited States Peaches
Fay ElbertaUnited States Peaches
Oldmixon FreeUnited States Peaches
Rio Oso GemUnited States Peaches
Silver LoganUnited States Peaches
Sun Crest peachUnited States Peaches
Burford pearUnited States Pears
American persimmonUnited States Persimmon
Japanese massaged dried persimmon (Hoshigaki) United StatesCaliforniaPersimmon
Elephant Heart plumUnited States Plums
Inca plumUnited States Plums
Laroda plumUnited States Plums
Mariposa plumUnited States Plums
Padre plumUnited States Plums
Meech's Prolific quinceUnited States Quince
Klondike, Daybreak, Headliner, & Tangi strawberriesUnited StatesLouisianaStrawberry
Pixie TangerineUnited StatesOjai ValleyTangerine
Moon & Stars watermelonUnited States Watermelon
Yellow-Meated watermelonUnited States Watermelon
Chapalote cornUnited States Grains/cereals
Chicos (dried corn)United States Grains/cereals
Roy’s Calais Flint cornUnited States Grains/cereals
Tuscarora White cornUnited States Grains/cereals
Anishinaabeg wild rice (hand-harvested)United States Grains/cereals
Carolina Gold riceUnited States Grains/cereals
Turkey hard red winter wheatUnited States Grains/cereals
White Sonora wheatUnited States Grains/cereals
Handmade FiléUnited States Herbs and spices
Alaea saltUnited StatesHawaiiHerbs and spices
Desert/Mexican oregano (Lippia graveolens)United StatesSonoran & Chihuahuan DesertsHerbs and spices
American Plains BisonUnited States Cattle
Corriente cattleUnited States Cattle
Florida Cracker cattleUnited States Cattle
American Milking DevonUnited States Cattle
Pineywoods cattleUnited States Cattle
Randall cattleUnited States Cattle
BuckeyeUnited States Chicken
DelawareUnited States Chicken
Dominique chickenUnited States Chicken
JavaUnited States Chicken
Jersey Giant chickenUnited States Chicken
New Hampshire chickenUnited States Chicken
Old Type Rhode Island RedUnited States Chicken
Plymouth Rock chickenUnited States Chicken
Wyandotte chickenUnited States Chicken
Cayuga DuckUnited States Ducks
Spanish goatUnited States Goats
Tennessee Myotonic goatUnited States Goats
American Pilgrim gooseUnited States Goose
Cotton Patch GooseUnited States Goose
Guinea HogUnited States Hog
Ossabaw Island HogUnited States Hog
Mulefoot hogUnited States Hog
Red Wattle hogUnited States Hog
American rabbitUnited States Rabbit
Giant ChinchillaUnited States Rabbit
Silver fox rabbitUnited States Rabbit
Gulf Coast Native sheepUnited States Sheep
Navajo-Churro sheepUnited States Sheep
St. Croix sheepUnited States Sheep
Tunis sheepUnited States Sheep
Bourbon Red turkeyUnited States Turkey
Jersey Buff turkeyUnited States Turkey
Midget White turkeyUnited States Turkey
Narragansett TurkeyUnited States Turkey
Royal PalmUnited States Turkey
SlateUnited States Turkey
Daube GlacéUnited StatesNew OrleansMeat products
Hog’s head cheeseUnited StatesSouthern LouisianaMeat products
Southern Louisiana PonceUnited StatesLouisiana Meat products
BoudinUnited StatesLouisiana Meat products
Traditional Tasso United StatesSouthern LouisianaMeat products
Emory Oak "Bellota" AcornUnited States Nuts
Nevada Single Leaf Pinyon (pine nut)United States Nuts
Shagbark Hickory NutUnited States Nuts
Kalo Poi TaroUnited States Prepared foods
Roman Taffy CandyUnited States Prepared foods
Arikara Yellow beanUnited States Pulses
Bolita beanUnited States Pulses
Brown Tepary beanUnited States Pulses
Cherokee Trail of Tears beanUnited States Pulses
Christmas Lima beanUnited States Pulses
Crowder Cowpeas (Mississippi Silver Hull bean)United States Pulses
Four Corners Gold beanUnited States Pulses
Hidatsa Red beanUnited States Pulses
Hidatsa Shield Figure beanUnited States Pulses
Hopi Mottled Lima beanUnited States Pulses
Hutterite Soup beanUnited States Pulses
Jacob’s Cattle beanUnited States Pulses
Lina Cisco’s Bird Egg beanUnited States Pulses
Marrowfat beanUnited States Pulses
Mayflower beanUnited States Pulses
Mesquite pod flourUnited States Pulses
O'odham pink beanUnited States Pulses
Petaluma Gold Rush beanUnited States Pulses
Rio Zape beanUnited States Pulses
Santa Maria Pinquitos beanUnited States Pulses
Sea Island Red PeaUnited States Pulses
True Red Cranberry beanUnited States Pulses
Turkey Craw beanUnited States Pulses
White Tepary beanUnited States Pulses
Yellow Indian Woman beanUnited States Pulses
Early Blood Turnip-rooted beetUnited States Beets
Lorz Italian garlicUnited States Garlic
Inchelium Red garlicUnited States Garlic
Amish Deer Tongue lettuceUnited States Lettuce
Grandpa Admire's lettuceUnited States Lettuce
Speckled lettuceUnited States Lettuce
Tennis Ball lettuce (black seeded)United States Lettuce
I'itoi onionUnited States Onion
Beaver Dam pepperUnited States Peppers
Bull Nose Large Bell pepperUnited States Peppers
Datil pepperUnited States Peppers
Fish pepperUnited States Peppers
Hinkelhatz Hot pepperUnited States Peppers
Jimmy Nardello's Sweet Italian Frying pepperUnited States Peppers
New Mexico Native ChilesUnited States Peppers
Sheepnose pimientoUnited States Peppers
Wenk's Yellow Hot pepperUnited States Peppers
Chiltepin chileUnited States Peppers
Green Mountain potatoUnited States Potato
Ozette potatoUnited States Potato
White Cream sweet potatoUnited States Potato
Amish Pie squashUnited States Squash
Boston Marrow squashUnited States Squash
Canada Crookneck squashUnited States Squash
Green-striped cushawUnited States Squash
Sibley squashUnited States Squash
Amish Paste tomatoUnited States Tomato
Aunt Molly's Husk tomatoUnited States Tomato
Aunt Ruby's German Green tomatoUnited States Tomato
Burbank tomatoUnited States Tomato
Chalk’s Early Jewel tomatoUnited States Tomato
Cherokee PurpleUnited States Tomato
Djena Lee’s Golden Girl tomatoUnited States Tomato
German Pink tomatoUnited States Tomato
Livingston’s Globe tomatoUnited States Tomato
Livingston’s Golden Queen tomatoUnited States Tomato
Orange Oxheart tomatoUnited States Tomato
Radiator Charlie’s Mortgage Lifter tomatoUnited States Tomato
Red Fig tomatoUnited States Tomato
Sheboygan tomatoUnited States Tomato
Sudduth Strain Brandywine tomatoUnited States Tomato
Valencia tomatoUnited States Tomato
New Mexico Native tomatilloUnited States Tomatillo
Gilfeather turnipUnited States Turnip
Wine Vinegar, Orleans MethodUnited States Wines and vinegars
Charbono grapeUnited StatesCaliforniaWines and vinegars
Napa Gamay/Valdiquie grapeUnited StatesCaliforniaWines and vinegars
Norton grapeUnited States Wines and vinegars
New England boiled cider and cider jellyUnited States
Gallberry honeyUnited States Honeys
Guajillo honeyUnited States Honeys
Mayhaw jelly and syrupUnited StatesSouthern United States
White Kiawe honeyUnited StatesHawaiiHoneys
Sourwood honeyUnited States Honeys
Tupelo honeyUnited States Honeys
Traditional cane syrupUnited States
Traditional sorghum syrupUnited States Other

Ark of Taste foods throughout the world

Ark of Taste Foods[18]
FoodNationState/regionFood type
Abjosh Raisin of HeratAfghanistan Fruit
Araucaria pine nutArgentina Fruit
Capia cornArgentina Grains/cereals
Carob flour from white carobArgentina Pulses
Criollo White CornArgentina Grains/cereals
Quebrada de Humahuaca (Andean potatoes)Argentina Potatoes
YacónArgentina Vegetable
Yellow Socorro cornArgentina Grains/cereals
Motal cheeseArmenia Cheeses and dairy products
Bull Boar sausageAustralia Cured meats
Bunya nutsAustraliaQueenslandFruit
Ligurian bee honeyAustraliaKangaroo IslandHoneys
Leatherwood honeyAustralia Honeys
AbgereifterAustria Cheeses and dairy products
Bregenzerwälder Mountain cheeseAustria Cheeses and dairy products
Carinzian SpeckAustria Meat by-products
Wachauer Safran (Crocus austriacus)Austria Herbs and aromas
Forest sheepAustria Sheep
Giants of AspernAustria Vegetables
Krainer SteinschafAustria Breeds
Lungauer RahmkochAustria Cakes and biscuits
Lungauer TauernroggenAustria Grains/cereals
Sulmtaler chickenAustria Chicken
TalggenAustria Oven-baked products
Vineyard GarlicAustria Garlic
Vineyard peachAustria Peaches
Vorarlberger RiebelmaisAustria Grains/cereals
Waldviertler BlondAustria Breeds
Pozegaka Plum SlatkoBosnia and Herzegovina Preserves
Sack CheeseBrazil Cheeses and dairy products
AratuBrazil Crustacean
BabaçuBrazil Fruit
Baru nutBrazil Fruit
Canapu CowpeaBrazil Vegetables
Canudo nectar of the Sateré MawéBrazil Honeys
Juçara Palm HeartBrazil Vegetables
Marmelada de Santa LuziaBrazil Vegetable preserves
Montenegro TangerineBrazil Tangerines
Native Guaraná of Sateré MawéBrazil Fruit
PirarucuBrazil Fish
Red Rice or Venice RiceBrazil Grains/cereals
Serra Catarinense Araucaria NutBrazil Fruit
Sweet potato flourBrazil Vegetables
UmbuBrazil Fruit
Canadienne CowCanada Breeds
Chanteclair chickenCanada Chicken
Herring Spawn on KelpCanada Fish
Miner's lettuce (Montia Perfoliata)CanadaSouthwestern British ColumbiaVegetables
Montreal melonCanada Fruit
Nodding onion (allium cernuum)Canada Vegetables
Nova Scotia Gravenstein AppleCanada Apples
Red Fife wheatCanada Grains/cereals
Saskatoon berry (Amelanchier alnifolia)Canada Fruit
Great Plains bisonCanada Breeds
Blue egg chickenChile Chicken
Calbuco Black-Bordered oysterChile Fish
MerquènChile Herbs and aromas
White strawberryChilePurénStrawberries
Robinson Crusoe Island SeafoodChileRobinson Crusoe & Alejandro Selkirk IslandsFish
Giant Istrian OxCroatia Breeds
Ljubitovica GarlicCroatia Garlic
HalloumiCyprus Cheeses and dairy products
PastelliCyprus Cakes and biscuits
TsamarellaCyprus Meat by-products
Salted Artisan ButterDenmark Dairy products
Nacional cacaoEcuador Coffee, tea and cacao
Siwa DateEgypt Fruit
KalakukkoFinland Bread
Baréges Gavarnie SheepFrance Sheep
Bigorre Gascony Black PigFrance Breeds
Blonde peas from the PlanèzeFrance Pulses
Breton Pie Noire (Cow Breed)France Breeds
Bruis walnutFranceUpper Valley of OuleFruit
Haute Provence EinkornFrance Grains/cereals
Maine-Anjou (Cow Breed)France Breeds
Pardailhan black turnipFrance Vegetables
Brigasque sheepFrance Breeds
Pelardon affinéFrance Cheeses and dairy products
Planèze de Saint Flour blonde lentilFrance Pulses
Planèze de Saint-Flour golden lentilFrance Pulses
Rennes Coucou ChickenFrance Chicken
Roussane de Monein peachFrance Peaches
Dry Rancios wineFranceRoussillonWines
Rove Brousse goat cheeseFrance Cheeses and dairy products
SagarnoaFrance Alcoholic drink
Sarteau pearFrance Pears
Trébons onionFrance Onions
Cuvée des vignes d'antanFrance Wines
Bamberger HörnlaGermany Potatoes
Champagner Bratbirne Pear SpumanteGermany Alcoholic drink
Diepholzer MoorschnuckeGermany Breeds
Early Pinot NoirGermany Wines
Filder Pointed CabbageGermany Vegetables
Höri peninsula onionGermany Onions
Limpurg Pasture oxenGermany Breeds
Murnau-Werdenfelser cowGermany Breeds
Northern Assia Ahle WurschtGermany Cured meats
Ostheimer Baked Pork Terrina with LiverGermany Meat by-products
Piebald Bentheim pigGermany Breeds
Rhön sheepGermany Sheep
Swabian Alb snailGermany Breeds
Teltow turnipGermany Vegetables
Würchwitzer mite cheeseGermany Cheeses and dairy products
MavrotraganoGreece Wines
NiotikoGreece Cheeses and dairy products
Xinotiri of NaxosGreece Cheeses and dairy products
Huehuetenango Highland CoffeeGuatemala Coffee, tea and cacao
Ixcàn cardamomGuatemala Herbs and aromas
Mangalica SausageHungary Cured meats
Icelandic goatIceland Goats
SkyrIceland Cheeses and dairy products
Derhadun Basmati RiceIndia Grains/cereals
Irish Raw Cow's Milk CheeseIreland Cheeses and dairy products
Irish Wild Smoked SalmonIreland Fish
Stone Ground Irish OatmealIrelandMacroom, County Cork Cereals and flours
Amarume welsh onionJapan Onions
AkanegiJapan Onions
AkkajidaikonJapan Vegetables
Dojo Hachiyagaki (dried persimmon)Japan Fruit
Hachiretsu cornJapan Grains/cereals
Hanazukuri daikonJapan Vegetables
Kiso red turnipJapan Vegetables
Kozena daikonJapan Vegetables
Masakari KabochaJapan Vegetables
Mizukakena (nouguchina)Japan Vegetables
Nare-zushi made with mackerelJapan Preserved fish
Roasted and smoked goby from Nagatsura bayJapan Fish
Salted Etari anchoviesJapan Preserved fish
Sapporokii onionJapan Onions
Shottsuru made with hatahata from the Gulf of AkitaJapan Preserved fish
Tankaku cowJapan Breeds
Tojinna - Nagasaki CabbageJapan Vegetables
Unzen KobutakanaJapan Vegetables
Yatabenegi Yatabe Welsh onionJapan Fruit
Yukina (Kabunotou)Japan Vegetables
ZazamushiJapan Breeds
Jāņu siersLatvia Cheeses and dairy products
Andasibe red riceMadagascar Grains/cereals
Mananara vanillaMadagascar Herbs and aromas
Bario riceMalaysia Grains/cereals
Rimbas black pepperMalaysia Herbs and aromas
Dogon shallotMali Vegetables
Imraguen Women's Mullet BottargaMauritania Preserved fish
Chinantla vanillaMexico Herbs and aromas
Seri fire-roasted mesquiteMexico Grains/cereals
Tehuacàn amaranthMexico Grains/cereals
Argan OilMorocco Seed oil
Amsterdam OsseworstNetherlands Cured meats
Chaam CaponNetherlands Breeds
Drenthe Heath sheepNetherlands Sheep
Friesian smoked sausageNetherlands Cured meats
Kempen Heath sheepNetherlands Breeds
Leiden butter and Leiden buttermilkNetherlands Cheeses and dairy products
Original Schiedam Malt GinNetherlands Alcoholic drink
Angelica VossakvannNorway Herbs and aromas
Artisan Sognefjord GeitostNorway Cheeses and dairy products
Baccala from Møre og RomsdalNorway Preserved fish
Cured and Smoked Herring from SunnmøreNorway Fish
Garden pea JærertNorway Pulses
Stockfish from the Isle of SørøyaNorway Fish
Turnip MålselvnepeNorway Vegetables
Villsau sheepNorway Sheep
Andean kañihuaPeru Herbs and aromas
Pampacorral sweet potatoPeru Potatoes
San Marcos Andean Fruit (Tomatillo, Poro Poro, and Pushgay)Peru Fruit
Traditional chuño blancoPeru Vegetables
OscypekPoland Cheeses and dairy products
Polish MeadPoland Alcoholic drink
Azaruja sausagesPortugal Azaruja, Évora, Alentejo Cured meats
Broa de milhoPortugal Bread
Cachena da Peneda Cattle (Cachena Cattle)Portugal Cattle breed
Churra Algarvia SheepPortugal Breeds
Ermelo's OrangePortugal Fruit
Mirandesa SausagePortugal Miranda do Douro, Alto Trás-os-Montes, Norte Region Cured meats
Queijo Serra da Estrela (PDO) Portugal Serra da Estrela, Centro Region Cheeses and dairy products
Scorzonera sweet PortugalÉvora, Alentejo Cakes and biscuits
Serpa cheese (PDO)Portugal Serpa, Alentejo Cheeses and dairy products
Tarrestre bean of Sierra - Soajo and PenedaPortugal Vegetables
Transmontano Goat's Cheese (PDO)PortugalAlto Trás-os-Montes, Norte Region Cheeses and dairy products
Brânzá de BurdufRomania Cheeses and dairy products
Grey Ukrainian cowRussian Federation Breeds
Tuva cheesesRussian Federation Cheeses and dairy products
Yurlov rich-voiced chickenRussian Federation Chicken
BryndzaSlovakia (Slovak Republic) Cheeses and dairy products
TolmincSlovenia Cheeses and dairy products
Natural cider from selected applesSpain Must and wine-based drinks
Aceite de las Sierras Espadán y CalderonaSpain Olive oil
Alavesa Mountain colt meatSpain Breeds
Aloreña Olive of MalagaSpain Fruit
Aragon 03 wheat, triticum aestivum, seed of soft wheatSpain Grains/cereals
Aritxabaltako moskorraSpain Vegetables
Asturian Escanda (Spelt wheat)Spain Grains/cereals
Atzebib, Denia Raisin (Sun raisin)Spain Fruit
Azpi Gorri goatSpain Goats
Alcaparra de Ballobar (Ballobar Caper)Spain Vegetables
Basque Autumn Green LeekSpain Vegetables
BetizuSpain Breeds
Black bread from Xeixa flourSpain Bread
Brotons and EspigallsSpain Vegetables
Carranzana Sheep cheeseSpain Cheeses and dairy products
Cheese made with raw Guirra sheep's milkSpain Cheeses and dairy products
Crespiello or Vidadillo wineSpain Wines
Cuarentena tomatoSpain Tomatoes
Derio Dwarf chardSpain Vegetables
Dry Rute aniseSpain Alcoholic drink
Esperiega appleSpain Apples
Espichá (dry reedbed anchovy)Spain Fish
Euskal AntzaraSpain Breeds
Euskal oiloaSpain Breeds
Euskal Txerria pigSpain Pigs
Extravirgin olive oil from ancient Maestrat olivesSpain Olive oil
Fine Monquelin onionSpain Onions
Formentera's dried fishSpain Fish
Fresh bean or green beanSpain Vegetables
Ganxet beansSpain Vegetables
Gipuzkoan Costal Tear peaSpain Pulses
Gorbea potatoSpain Potatoes
Guardamar del Segura ÑoraSpain Vegetable preserves
Guirra or Red Levantine SheepSpain Breeds
Ice salt (Sal de hielo)Spain Herbs and aromas
Jiloca saffronSpain Herbs and aromas
Menorquina cow cheeseSpain Cheeses and dairy products
Millo CorvoSpain Grains/cereals
Montmesa CamomileSpain Herbs and aromas
Mungiako taloa (flour used to prepare talo)Spain Bread
Necklace peanut (Cacau del Collaret)Spain Fruit
Paperina savoy cabbageSpain Vegetables
Penedés chickenSpain Chicken
Perrequeta endiveSpain Vegetables
Pink tomato (Tomate Rosado)Spain Tomatoes
Preserved Cantabrian anchoviesSpain Preserved fish
Preserved Tuna and Almadraba RoeSpain Fish
Purple carrotSpain Vegetables
Purple tomatoSpainRincón de AdemuzTomatoes
Red Majorcan sheep's cheeseSpain Cheeses and dairy products
Ronda pearSpain Pears
Salt of Salinas de AñanaSpain Herbs and spices
Sierra Nevada Mountain Potato Copo de NieveSpain Potatoes
Sitges MalvasiaSpain Wines
Smoked blue fishSpain Fish
Spider Crab, Lira CentolloSpain Fish
Urezti (late harvest)Spain Wines
Xalda sheepSpain Sheep
Yellow tendral melonSpainQuatretonda dry landsFruit
Zalla broad beanSpain Pulses
Zalla Violet onionSpain Onions
Astacus astacusSweden Fish
Upplandskubb breadSweden Bread
Brown beansSwedenÖland islandPulses
Cellar-matured goat cheese (white goats cheese)SwedenJämtland, HärjedalenCheeses and dairy products
Linderöd pigSweden Pigs
Reindeer souvasSweden Meat by-products
Berudge Eau-de-vieSwitzerland Spirits
Bona flourSwitzerland Grains/cereals
ButtemoschtSwitzerland Vegetable preserves
Carnival ravioliSwitzerland Cakes and biscuits
FidighèlaSwitzerland Cured meats
Hay-packed CheeseSwitzerland Cheeses and dairy products
Honey from the Swiss Landrassen BeeSwitzerland Honeys
Pinot noirSwitzerlandServagninWines
Rye breadSwitzerlandVal MüstairBread
SacSwitzerland Cured meats
SpampeziSwitzerland Cakes and biscuits
Taillè with ChitlinsSwitzerland Oven-baked products
Traditional KirschSwitzerland Alcoholic drink
Traditional Valais rye breadSwitzerland Bread
ZincarlinSwitzerland Cheeses and dairy products
Tarama (also known as Haviar)Turkey Cured mullet roe
Artisan Cheddar cheeseUnited KingdomSomersetCheeses and dairy products
Bere mealUnited Kingdom Grains/cereals
British Red Grouse (Lagopus lagopus scotica)United Kingdom Breeds
Colchester Native OystersUnited Kingdom Oysters
Dorset Blue VinneyUnited Kingdom Cheeses and dairy products
Double-Curd LancashireUnited Kingdom Cheeses and dairy products
Fal OystersUnited Kingdom Oysters
Formby AsparagusUnited Kingdom Vegetables
Gloucester cheeseUnited Kingdom Cheeses and dairy products
Herdwick sheepUnited Kingdom Sheep
Jersey Black ButterUnited Kingdom Preserves
Jersey Royal potatoUnited Kingdom Potatoes
Kentish Cobnuts/Lambert's Filbert (Corylus maxima)United Kingdom Nuts
Manx Loaghtan lambCrown dependenciesIsle of Man & Jersey Breeds
Morecambe Bay ShrimpUnited Kingdom Fish
Old Gloucester BeefUnited Kingdom Breeds
Green ormer (Haliotis tuberculata)United Kingdom Fish
Portland SheepUnited Kingdom Sheep
Somerset Cider BrandyUnited Kingdom Spirits
Three Counties PerryUnited Kingdom Alcoholic drink
Windermere CharUnited Kingdom Fish
Barlovento cacaoVenezuela Coffee, tea and cacao

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