Arimasa Osawa

Arimasa Osawa
Born (1956-03-08) 8 March 1956
Nagoya, Japan
Occupation Writer
Language Japanese
Period 1978–present
Genre Hardboiled, crime fiction, thriller
Notable awards Mystery Writers of Japan Award (1991)
Naoki Prize (1993)
In this Japanese name, the family name is Osawa.

Arimasa Osawa (大沢在昌 Ōsawa Arimasa, born 8 March 1956) is a Japanese writer of hardboiled and thriller. He served as the 12th President of the Mystery Writers of Japan from 2005 to 2009.

Works in English translation

Detective Samejima series (Shinjuku Shark series)

"Same" or "zame" means "shark" in English.


Main works

Private detective Ko Sakuma series

Arbeit detective series

  1. Arubaito Ai (アルバイト探偵), 1986 (short story collection)
  2. Arubaito Ai: Chōdokushi o Sagase (アルバイト探偵 調毒師を捜せ), 1987 (novel)
  3. Joō-heika no Arubaito Ai (女王陛下のアルバイト探偵), 1988 (novel)
  4. Fushigi no Kuni no Arubaito Ai (不思議の国のアルバイト探偵), 1989 (novel)
  5. Arubaito Ai: Gōmon Yūenchi (アルバイト探偵 拷問遊園地), 1991 (novel)
  6. Kaette kita Arubaito Ai (帰ってきたアルバイト探偵), 2004 (novel)

Detective Samejima series (Shinjuku Shark series)

Standalone novels

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