Areg Elibekyan

Areg Elibekyan
Արեգ Էլիբեկյան
Born (1970-06-29) June 29, 1970
Yerevan, Armenia
Nationality Armenian
Known for Painter

Areg Elibekyan (Armenian: Արեգ Էլիբեկյան; born June 29, 1970) is an Armenian painter.


Areg Elibekyan was born in Yerevan, Armenia, the son of Robert Elibekyan. From 1987 to 1992, he studied at the Yerevan Arts and Theatre Institute, but has lived in Montreal since 1992.

His work has been exhibited in Armenia, France, Lebanon, Canada, and the United States and displayed at the Modern Art Museum of Yerevan, Alex & Marie Manoogian Museum of Detroit, and the Arame Art Gallery, Yerevan, Armenia.

Since 2009, Elibekyan has been an art instructor at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts.[1][2][3]

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Elibekyan is the grandson of Vagharshak Elibekyan, an Honored Artist of Georgia, and the son of Robert Elibekyan, an Honored Art Worker and People’s Artist of the Republic of Armenia.

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