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Map of Washington's area codes. Area codes highlighted in red is the location of the area code.

Area code 425 is a telephone dialing code in Washington for the suburbs north and east of Seattle, particularly the Eastside, extending east to North Bend, north to Everett, and south to Maple Valley. It includes the city of Bellevue, Seattle's largest suburb.

The area code went into service on April 27, 1997, as part of a three-way split of area code 206 (the other of the three is 253). The period from April 27, 1997, through November 15, 1997, was considered a "transition period" for this new area code. Use of the 425 area code became mandatory on Sunday, November 16, 1997.


In the lead-up to the switchover, John Keister, on his television comedy show Almost Live!, lampooned the fact that Renton wanted to join the 425 area code in order to be associated with the relatively wealthy Eastside, which includes Bellevue. Renton was successful in that effort. (The 253 area code is associated with relatively less affluent suburbs like Tacoma, so some view it as being less prestigious).

Korean-American rapper Jay Park, who was born in Edmonds (of the 425) and lives in Seattle (of the 206), includes a reference to both area codes in his song "Bestie."

The song "Operator" by Danish eurodance artist Miss Papaya begins with an automated message notifying the caller that area code 206 has been changed to 425.

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