Archery at the Youth Olympic Games

Archery at the Youth Olympic Games
Governing body WA
Events 3 (boys: 1; girls: 1; mixed: 1)

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Archery has been included in the Summer Youth Olympics since their inauguration. As with archery at the Summer Olympics, only the recurve is competed. Unlike the Summer Olympic competition, a mixed team event is competed, in which competitors are paired across national boundaries to create evenly matched multinational teams, as part of the Youth Olympic Games' spirit of cooperation.[1]


Competition format:

Boys' Individual

Games Gold Silver Bronze
2010 Singapore
Ibrahim Sabry
Rick van den Oever
Bolot Tsybzhitov
2014 Nanjing
Lee Woo-seok
 South Korea
Marcus Vinicius D'Almeida
Atul Verma
2018 Buenos Aires

Girls' Individual

Games Gold Silver Bronze
2010 Singapore
Kwak Ye-Ji
 South Korea
Tan Ya-Ting
 Chinese Taipei
Tatiana Segina
2014 Nanjing
Li Jiaman
Melanie Gaubil
Lee Eun-gyeong
 South Korea
2018 Buenos Aires

Mixed team

Games Gold Silver Bronze
2010 Singapore
Gloria Filippi
Anton Karoukin
Zoi Paraskevopoulou
Gregor Rajh
Begunhan Unsal
Abdul Dayyan Jaffar
2014 Nanjing
Li Jiaman
Luis Gabriel Moreno
Cynthia Freywald
Muhamad Zarif Syahiir Zolkepeli
Mirjam Tuokkola
Eric Peters
2018 Buenos Aires

Medal tables

Rank Nation Gold Silver Bronze Total
1 South Korea 2 0 1 3
2 China 1 0 0 1
Egypt 1 0 0 1
4 Brazil 0 1 0 1
France 0 1 0 1
Netherlands 0 1 0 1
Chinese Taipei 0 1 0 1
8 Russia 0 0 2 2
9 India 0 0 1 1
Total9 nations44412

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