Archdeacons in the Diocese of Chelmsford

The Archdeacons in the Diocese of Chelmsford are senior ecclesiastical officers in the Church of England in Essex and East London. They currently include: the Archdeacon of West Ham, the Archdeacon of Colchester and the archdeacons of Chelmsford, of Harlow, of Barking, of Stansted and of Southend. Each one has responsibility over a geographical area within the diocese.


When the diocese was created, it consisted of the ancient archdeaconries of Essex and Colchester. The first changes to the diocese's archdeaconries occurred on 17 March 1922 when the Archdeaconry of Southend was created from the old Essex archdeaconry and that old archdeaconry renamed to West Ham;[1] West Ham archdeaconry was further split to create the Archdeaconry of Harlow following a 1989 decision of the Diocesan Synod.[2]

As part of Stephen Cottrell's vision for the diocese's long-term future, consultations occurred on proposals to create three new archdeaconries.[3] On 1 February 2013, by Pastoral Order of the Bishop of Chelmsford, the three archdeaconries were created: the new Archdeaconry of Stansted from Colchester archdeaconry, a new Archdeaconry of Barking from West Ham archdeaconry and a new Archdeaconry of Southend created from Southend archdeaconry after it had been renamed the Archdeaconry of Chelmsford.[4] Initially, the Archdeacons of Colchester, of West Ham and of Chelmsford were also Acting Archdeacons of Stansted, of Barking and of Southend respectively.

List of archdeacons

Archdeacons of Essex and of West Ham

Further information: Archdeacon of West Ham

Archdeacons of Colchester

Further information: Archdeacon of Colchester

Archdeacons of Southend (before 2013) and of Chelmsford

Archdeacons of Southend
Archdeacons of Chelmsford

Archdeacons of Harlow

Archdeacons of Barking

  • 1 February–15 September 2013: Elwin Cockett, Archdeacon of West Ham (Acting)
  • 15 September 2013–present: John Perumbalath[15]

Archdeacons of Stansted

  • 1 February–15 September 2013: Annette Cooper, Archdeacon of Colchester (Acting)
  • 15 September 2013–present: Robin King[15]

Archdeacons of Southend (since 2013)

  • 1 February–15 September 2013: David Lowman, Archdeacon of Chelmsford (Acting)
  • 15 September 2013–present: Mina Smallman[15]


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