Arcade Publishing

Arcade Publishing
Parent company Skyhorse Publishing
Founded 1988
Founder Richard Seaver and Jeannette Seaver
Country of origin United States
Publication types Books
Official website

Arcade Publishing is an independent trade publishing company that started in 1988 in New York, USA. They are publishers of American and world fiction and non-fiction.[1]

The company was started and run by Richard Seaver and his wife Jeannette. [2] The company declared bankruptcy shortly after Seaver's death in 2009, and was acquired by Skyhorse Publishing in 2010. [3]

In 2011, Arcade was relaunched as an imprint of Skyhorse Publishing, where it continues to acquire and publish literary fiction and non-fiction. In addition to its main list, Arcade now also issues Arcade Artists & Art, a series featuring books by and about artists, particularly of the modern period. Jeannette Seaver currently serves as a consulting editor in the acquisition and curation of upcoming lists.

Auschwitz by Miklos Nyiszli, became a New York Times bestseller in 2011. [4]


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