Arad Administrative Palace

The administrative palace is an historic building located in Arad.


The initial location of the town hall was in the Avram Iancu Square from the 17th century. Following the development of the city and the shift of the center from Avram Iancu to the new areas, the city council decided to build another one closer to the new core of the city. They hired the Budapestan architect Ödön Lechner, who came up with a design. Due to financial problems, the project was found impossible to build. After that they hired another architect, Ferenc Pekar who modified the blueprints, cutting out some of the elements. It was inaugurated in 1877.

Turnul Primariei


Its tower is reminiscent of the Flemish town halls and the ornamentation draws from the Flemish renaissance. The timepiece was brought from Switzerland in the year of the inauguration and it still is functional. The stained glass were painted by the Aradean artist Sever Frentiu and they represented the seasons.

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