Aquincum Civil Amphitheatre

Aquincum Civil Town Amphitheater

The amphitheater from the air
Location in Budapest
General information
Town or city Budapest
Country Hungary
Coordinates 47°31′59″N 19°02′20″E / 47.5330°N 19.0390°E / 47.5330; 19.0390Coordinates: 47°31′59″N 19°02′20″E / 47.5330°N 19.0390°E / 47.5330; 19.0390
Technical details
Size 86.5 m × 75.5 m (284 ft × 248 ft)

Aquincum Civil Amphitheatre is an ancient structure in Budapest, Hungary, the lesser of two located in Obuda. The other is the Aquincum Military Amphitheatre. It was built between 250 AD and 300 AD. South of the western gate is an inscription of the Greek goddess Nemesis also known as Rhamnousia/Rhamnusia.

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