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Appointed Hetman (Ukrainian: Гетьман Наказний) was a political position of Cossack Hetmanate. Traditionally appointed hetmans were the first deputies of the Hetmans of Ukrainian Cossacks.

The office of appointed hetman existed exclusively at courtship of the Hetman of Zaporizhian Host. More than often the office was appointed by the Hetman as his deputy rather than elected by the General Military Council or the Cossack Council. His appointment could have been temporary and quickly abrupt and was caused by a necessity to command a group of forces at other portions of military front or tactical direction, similarly to the "field hetman" of Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. At times of Bohdan Khmelnytsky such hetmans were Stanislav Krychevsky (1649) and Ivan Zolotarenko (1654-55). Sometimes the appointed hetman acted as a full-pledged hetman as Filon Dzhalaliy when he was elected in 1651 and 1655 as well as Ivan Bohun when he was elected after the Battle of Berestechko (Bohdan Khmelnytsky was taken as a prisoner) or as in case of Pavlo Polubotok when he acted as hetman due to the death of such.

On a territory of the left-bank Ukraine the office often was a counteractive to the righteously elected hetman. Among such hetmans were Yakiv Somko, Ivan Bezpaly and others.

Among other appointed hetmans were such prominent colonels as S.Podobai (1652), Ya.Voronchenko (1654), D.Yermolayenko (1665), H.Vytyazenko (1665), Demian Mnohohrishny (1668-69), Ya.Lyzohub (1696), Ivan Obydovsky (1700-01), I.Myrovych (1704), M.Myklashevsky (1706) and others.

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