Aonghus mac Somhairle

Aonghus mac Somhairle (English: Angus, son of Somerled), sometimes called Angus, Lord of Bute and Arran (c. 11501210) was a son of Somerled and Ragnhild, (daughter of Olaf I Godredsson, King of the Isles, and Ingebjorg, herself daughter of Haakon Paulsson, Earl of Orkney).[1] Aonghus succeeded his father, inheriting lands in Garmoran, Skye, Rum, Eigg, Bute and Arran and became known as Lord of Bute and Arran.[1][2] In 1192 in a battle between Aonghus and his brother Raghnall, he was victorious and many were wounded and fell.[3] He lost his lands on Bute after Alan fitz Walter was granted the lands of Bute by William I of Scotland in 1200. Aonghus was killed in battle with his three sons on Skye in 1210.[4][note 1] After the death of Aonghus and his heirs, his brother Raghnall's sons Domhnall and Ruaidhrí took possession of his lands.


  1. Some sources (such as Scots Peerage volume 5) erroneously claim that a granddaughter of Angus married Alexander Stewart, 4th High Steward of Scotland.[5]


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