Anuta language

Coordinates: 11°37′S 169°51′E / 11.61°S 169.85°E / -11.61; 169.85

Native to Solomon Islands
Region Anuta Island
Native speakers
270 (1999)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3 aud
Glottolog anut1237[2]

The Anuta language (or Anutan, locally te taranga paka-Anuta) is a Polynesian Outlier language from the island of Anuta in the Solomon Islands. It is closely related to the Tikopia language of the neighboring island of Tikopia.

Anuta is generally regarded as Nuclear Polynesian language, although it bears considerable Tongic influence.

In 1977, Richard Feinberg published a two-volume dictionary and basic grammar of the language.


A 200-word word list is available at the Austronesian Basic Vocabulary Database.[3]



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