Antonio Ibáñez Freire

Antonio Ibáñez Freire (25 September 1913 – 9 May 2003) was a Spanish politician and military commander. He was minister of the interior of Spain from April 1979 to May 1980.


He was born in Vitoria. After passing the Military Academy of Zaragoza, he was appointed lieutenant of infantry and participated in the Spanish Civil War revolting against the Second Spanish Republic. Later, he enlisted as a volunteer in the Blue Division taking part in the Second World War, in which he was awarded the Iron Cross by Nazi Germany. He was civil governor of the province of Santander in 1960 and occupied the same position in Vizcaya (1961) and Barcelona (1963).

In 1978, he was appointed Captain General of the Fourth Military Region. In April 1979, he was appointed minister of interior to the cabinet led by prime minister Adolfo Suárez.[1] Freire replaced Rodolfo Martín as interior minister.[1] Freire was in office until May 1980 and Juan José Rosón replaced him in the post.[2]

Awards and decorations


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Preceded by
Rodolfo Martín
Interior Minister of Spain
1979 - 1980
Succeeded by
Juan José Rosón
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