Antonio II Acciaioli

Antonio II Acciaioli

Antonio II Acciaioli was the Duke of Athens from 1439 to 1445.

He was a son of Francesco and Margareta Malpigli and grew up in Florence until 1413, when his uncle Antonio I called him and his brother Nerio II to Greece to live at his court. When the elder Antonio died in January 1435, he left the duchy to Nerio under the regency of his widow Maria Melissene. However, Antonio forced Nerio from the city in January 1439.[1] Antonio ruled energetically but briefly and died in 1445, to be replaced by his deposed brother.


  1. Laonikos Chalkokondyles and Jacopo Gaddi. The latter wrote a short poem:
    Nobile par fratrum, Graecos Dux rexit uterque
    Non simul, alterno tempore sceptra ferens.
    Gesserat haec Nerius, quo pulso Antonius ardens
    Rursus at extincto fratre gerit Nerius.
    Nimium Pollux et Castor in urbe fuissent,
    Si fratrum illis gratia sanctus amor.


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