Antoine, Count of Vaudémont

Antoine, Count of Vaudémont

Tomb of Antoine and his wife in the St-François-des-Cordeliers church in Nancy
Spouse(s) Marie of Harcourt
Noble family House of Lorraine
Father Frederick of Lorraine
Mother Margaret of Joinville
Born c.1400
Died 22 March 1456(1456-03-22)
Buried St-François-des-Cordeliers church in Nancy

Antoine of Vaudémont (c.1400 22 March 1458) was Count of Vaudémont and Sieur de Joinville from 1418 to 1458. By marriage, he was also Count of Aumale and Baron of Elbeuf from 1452 to 1458.


His uncle Charles II, Duke of Lorraine had only daughters. Antoine didn't conceal his wish to inherit the Duchy of Lorraine, and quarrelled with Charles. Charles attacked Antoine, but Antoine had Philip the Good of Burgundy as ally.

After Charles II died in 1431, Antoine attacked the new Duke, René of Anjou, defeating and capturing him at the Battle of Bulgnéville, on 1 July 1431.[1] A decade of negotiation followed, since Sigismund, Holy Roman Emperor was unwilling to recognise Antoine as Duke, pronouncing for René in 1434.[2]

Ultimately, Antoine gave up his claim on the Duchy of Lorraine, by a treaty of 27 March 1441. In return, Antoine's County of Vaudémont was recognised as independent, and his son Frederick became engaged to the Duke's daughter Yolande of Lorraine. The dynastic consequence was that Antoine's grandson became Duke.

Antoine also took part in several local armed conflicts.


He was the son of Frederick of Lorraine and Margaret of Joinville.

He married Marie of Harcourt (1398–1476), on 12 August 1416. She was countess of Harcourt, and of Aumale, and baroness of Elbeuf. Her father was Jean VII of Harcourt, her mother Marie of Alençon. Their children were:


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Antoine, Count of Vaudémont
Born: c.1400 Died: 22 March 1458
Titles of nobility
Preceded by
Frederick I
Count of Vaudémont
Succeeded by
Frederick II
French nobility
Preceded by
John VII
Count of Aumale
Baron of Elbeuf
with Marie

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with Marie

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