Anti-mask laws

German football hooligans with masked faces in a 1990s match.

Anti-mask or anti-masking laws refer to legislative or penal initiatives that seek to stop individuals from concealing their faces, who do so often to go unidentified during a crime.

North America

United States

In many US states and the District of Columbia, there are anti-mask laws.[1]








According to § 11, part 5 of the police statute (politiloven) from 1995, it's prohibited to be masked during an event taking place in public. Exempted from the prohibition are participants in theatre, mascaraed or similar. In accordance with § 30 of the same law; violation is punishable by a fine or up to three months imprisonment.[15]


According to the Law № 54-ФЗ


According to the November 2013 Citizens’ Security Law (Ley mordaza), demonstration protesters who cover their faces may be fined up to 30,000.[16]




United Kingdom

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