Anteo Zamboni

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Anteo Zamboni, circa 1918
Anteo Zamboni after he was lynched

Anteo Zamboni (11 April 1911 – 31 October 1926) born in Bologna, was a 15-year-old Italian, propaganda of the deed anarchist who tried to assassinate Benito Mussolini in Bologna on 31 October 1926, by shooting at him during the parade celebrating the March on Rome.[1]

Zamboni, whose shot missed Mussolini, was immediately attacked and lynched by nearby squadristi (fascist squads).[2] The man who first detained him and identified him as the would-be assassin was cavalry officer Carlo Alberto Pasolini, father of film director Pier Paolo Pasolini. The event was used as political leverage by the fascist government to abolish liberties and dissolve the remaining opposition parties.[3] After the attack, his father and aunt were sentenced to prison accused of having influenced his decision.[4]

A street in Bologna – "Mura Anteo Zamboni" – bears his name. In a film about the assassination attempt by Gianfranco Mingozzi, Gli ultimi tre giorni (1978), Zamboni was played by Franco Lotterio.[5] Zamboni's assassination attempt and lynching are also described in the film Love and Anarchy.

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