Antaeus (magazine)

Categories literary magazine
Founder Daniel Halpern and Paul Bowles
First issue  1970 (1970-month)
Final issue 1994
Company Ecco Press
Country United States
Based in New York City
Language English

Antaeus was a literary quarterly founded by Daniel Halpern and Paul Bowles and edited by Daniel Halpern. It was originally published in Tangier, Morocco, but operations were later shifted to New York City. The first number appeared in the summer of 1970, the final issue (#75/76) in 1994. Beginning with the third issue, the magazine bore the imprint of the Ecco Press, which eventually became established as a book publisher. A small number of limited editions were also issued in conjunction with the magazine under the imprint of Antaeus Editions.

Particularly in its early years, Antaeus was known for its internationalist scope. Among its notable contributors were J. G. Ballard, Paul Bowles, Guy Davenport, Harry Mathews, Joyce Carol Oates, Breece D'J Pancake, Yannis Ritsos, Leslie Marmon Silko and Andrew Vachss.

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