Ansaldo Energia

Ansaldo Energia
Industry Power Generation, Government Services
Predecessor Gio. Ansaldo & C.
Founded 1853
Headquarters Genova, Italy
Area served
Products Fossil and Nuclear Power Plants; Research and Development; Government Operations
Owner CDP Equity (60%); Shanghai Electric (40%)[1]
Number of employees
2935 (December 2010)

Ansaldo Energia, an Italian power engineering company. It is based in Genoa.


The parent company, Ansaldo, started in 1853. It was taken over by Finmeccanica in 1993. In 2011, Finmeccanica (since 2016 Leonardo-Finmeccanica) sold 45% stake in Ansaldo Energia to First Reserve Corporation. In 2013, the Fondo Strategico Italiano acquired a 85% share of the company. It then sold a 40% share to Shanghai Electric Corporation.[2]


Ansaldo Energia is a producer of thermoelectric power plants, operating on international markets for customers ranging from Public Administration to Independent Power Producers and Industrial Clients. Ansaldo Energia covers the entire power generation spectrum with a combination of plant engineering, manufacturing and service activities. It has an installed capacity exceeding 166,000 MW in over 90 countries for thermal electric and hydroelectric plants. Revenues in 2007 stood at 979 million euros.[3]

The production centre is located in the Genoa - Campi area and is split into three product lines: gas turbines, steam turbines and generators.

Gas turbines

Ansaldo Energia manufactures gas turbines in the range from 70 to 280 MW, with more than 140 units delivered for a total installed capacity of more than 23,000 MW. The gas turbines models manufactured are named: AE64.3A, AE94.2, AE94.2K, AE94.3A and are based on designs by Siemens AG.

Because of the fusion with General Electric both European Union and United States competition regulators approved the deal by September 2015, subject to the divestiture of Alstom's large and very large gas turbine (GT26 and GT36 models) manufacturing and service business; and its GE7FA gas turbine aftermarket parts subsidiary business, Power Systems Mfg. LLC (PSM), to Ansaldo Energia

Steam turbines

Steam turbine production covers the entire range of applications, with power ratings in the 80 to 1200 MW range.


Generator production comprises air, hydrogen and water cooled models, designed on experience from over 50,000 MVA of installed generating capacity.


Ansaldo Energia also provides service for their products worldwide. Ansaldo provides services for their own generators & turbines, furthermore they provide service for generators & turbines produced by their competitors.

Controlled companies

Ansaldo Nucleare S.p.A.

Ansaldo Nucleare S.p.A. is in charge of nuclear business, with the specific tasks to promote and realize nuclear products and related services: this encompasses promotion, sales, management, design, engineering, contracting, fabrication and site implementation.

Ansaldo Thomassen

Ansaldo Thomassen provides all possible service for GE-type heavy duty gas turbine systems, from all kinds of service and repair to upgrades for better performance. Recently a workshop in Abu Dhabi was opened. Ansaldo Thomassen also has a workshop in Rheden, the Netherlands.

Ansaldo Swiss

Ansaldo ESG AG is a Switzerland-based energy service group, which is established in 1998. AESG is specialised in steam turbine maintenance, covering turbine rotor and turbine casing repairs, re-blading, blade repairs, generator rewinds and repairs, supply of associated components and "engineering solutions".

The 25th February 2016 Ansaldo takes a portion of former Alstom's R&D Gas Turbine projects based in Baden, Switzerland. This acquisition was made due to the conditions imposed by the EU and US department of Justice on the merge between GE and Alstom Power.

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