Annie Leigh Hobson Broughton

Annie Leigh Hobson Broughton (1908 in Norfolk, Virginia – September 19, 2005, in Charleston, South Carolina) was an academic administrator and advocate for women's opportunities in higher education.[1]

Annie Leigh Hobson earned an AB (1930) and MA (1936) from Bryn Mawr College, with both degrees in the field of Latin. She taught Latin at Concord Academy and the Baldwin School, and freshman Latin at Bryn Mawr before becoming the Director of Admissions and Dean of Freshmen at Bryn Mawr. She became dean of freshmen at The Woman's College of Duke University, and she retired from Duke in 1971.

Annie Leigh Hobson was the widow of the esteemed Latinist Thomas Robert Shannon Broughton, whom she married on September 4, 1931,[2] and mother of T. Alan Broughton, the poet, and Margaret Tenney.


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