Annapurna Pictures

Annapurna Pictures
Industry Motion picture
Founded April 1, 2011 (2011-04-01)
Founder Megan Ellison
Headquarters Los Angeles, California, United States
Owner Megan Ellison[1][2]
  • Annapurna International
  • Annapurna Television
  • Naegle Ink
  • Annapurna Interactive

Annapurna Pictures is an American motion picture company founded by Megan Ellison in 2011. It specializes in film production, distribution, Television production, video game development as well as finance.

Annapurna invests in finance and sales through its subsidiary Annapurna International,[3] formerly called Panorama Media.[4] And it produces television shows through subsidiary Annapurna Television (including label Naegle Ink).[5][6] and develops video games under its Annapurna Interactive banner.[7]

Annapurna Pictures is named after Mount Annapurna in Nepal, which was explored by Megan on a visit to Nepal. [8]


Year Film Title Director Gross (USD) Notes
2012LawlessJohn Hillcoat $53.7 million[9] co-production with The Weinstein Company
The MasterPaul Thomas Anderson $28.3 million[10] co-production with The Weinstein Company
Killing Them SoftlyAndrew Dominik $37.5 million[11] co-production with The Weinstein Company
Zero Dark ThirtyKathryn Bigelow $138.7 million[12]co-production with Columbia Pictures
2013Spring BreakersHarmony Korine $31.7 million[13]co-production with A24
HerSpike Jonze $48.8 million[14]co-production with Warner Bros.
American HustleDavid O. Russell $251.1 million[15]co-production with Columbia Pictures and Atlas Entertainment
2014FoxcatcherBennett Miller $19 million[16]co-production with Sony Pictures Classics
2015 Joy David O. Russell $101.1 million[17] co-production with 20th Century Fox
2016 Wiener-Dog Todd Solondz $716,633[18] co-production with Amazon Studios and Killer Films[19]
Everybody Wants Some!! Richard Linklater $4.6 million[20] co-production with Paramount Pictures[21]
Sausage Party Conrad Vernon and Greg Tiernan $139.9 million[22] co-production with Columbia Pictures, Point Grey Pictures, and Nitrogen Studios[23]
The Bad Batch Ana Lily Amirpour produced by; distributed by Screen Media Films & Netflix
20th Century Women Mike Mills co-production with A24
2017 Downsizing Alexander Payne co-production with Paramount Pictures
Untitled Detroit project Kathryn Bigelow

Television shows

On September 27, 2016, it launched a television production division, Annapurna Television, which is headed by former HBO executive Sue Naegle (with her label, Naegle Ink now part of the division).[24]

Video games

In December 2016, the company launched Annapurna Interactive, to produce, develop and distribute video games, with several active projects in development, planned for release in 2017.[25][26]


Many of the films produced by the company have received widespread critical acclaim. In 2013 alone, Her and American Hustle had a combined fifteen Academy Award nominations. In the box office results have been mixed. While some films such as The Master have failed to gross their budget, films such as Zero Dark Thirty and American Hustle have grossed more than $100 million, the latter grossing more than a quarter of a billion worldwide.[27][28]


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