Anna of Brandenburg

Anna of Brandenburg

Portrait of Anna of Brandenburg from the Bordesholm cenotaph
Duchess consort of Schleswig and Holstein
Tenure 1502–1514
Born 27 August 1487
Died 3 May 1514(1514-05-03) (aged 26)
Spouse Frederick I of Denmark
Issue Christian III of Denmark
Dorothea, Duchess of Prussia
House Hohenzollern
Father John Cicero, Elector of Brandenburg
Mother Margaret of Thuringia

Anna of Brandenburg (27 August 1487 3 May 1514) was a German noblewoman.

Anna was the daughter of Johann Cicero, Elector of Brandenburg and Margarethe of Saxony. She was born in Berlin, Brandenburg, and died in Kiel, Holstein.


In 1500 she was betrothed to Frederick, then Duke of Schleswig and Holstein and, after her death, king of Denmark and Norway. Because they were second cousins (Frederick's mother Dorothea of Brandenburg was the cousin of Anna's father) their marriage required a Papal dispensation. In addition, the marriage was not held until 10 April 1502 due to Anna's youth. The marriage, held in Stendal, was a double one: on the same day, Anna's brother Joachim and Frederick's niece Elisabeth were married.[1]

Anna and Frederick had two children:

  1. Christian III of Denmark (12 August 1503 1 January 1559)
  2. Dorothea (1 August 1504 11 April 1547), married 1 July 1526 to Albert, Duke of Prussia

She died in 1514 at age 26. Her husband was remarried, to Sophie of Pomerania, and had six more children.



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