Princess Anna Maria of Sweden

Princess Anna Maria

Portrait of Anna according to the text on it
Countess Palatine of Veldenz
Tenure 1562-1592
Regent of Veldenz and Lautereck
Reign 1592-1598
Born 19 June 1545
Died 20 March 1610(1610-03-20) (aged 64)
Spouse George John I, Count Palatine of Veldenz
Issue George Gustavus, Count Palatine of Veldenz
Anne Margaret of Palatinate-Veldenz
John Rupert
Anne Margaret, Countess Palatine of Simmern-Sponheim
Ursula, Duchess of Württemberg
Joanna Elizabeth
John Augustus, Count Palatine of Lützelstein
Louis Philip, Count Palatine of Guttenberg
Maria Anne
Catherine Ursula
George John II, Count Palatine of Lützelstein-Guttenberg
Full name
Anna Maria
Swedish: Anna Gustavsdotter
House Vasa
Father Gustav I of Sweden
Mother Margaret Leijonhufvud

Princess Anna Maria of Sweden (Swedish: Anna Gustavsdotter; 19 June 1545 - 20 March 1610) was a Countess Palatine of Veldenz as the spouse of George John I, Count Palatine of Veldenz. She served as Regent from 1592 to 1598 and then supervised the partition of the territories between her sons. She was the daughter of King Gustav I of Sweden and Queen Margaret.


At an early age, Anna had her portrait painted and several marriage negotiations was suggested before she married in 1562. She was given a large dowry, and the King of Denmark was invited to the wedding. After her wedding, she left for Germany. The marriage is described as a happy one. Anna is mentioned as the advisor of her spouse; she tried to influence a restraining effect on the many adventurous projects of her spouse. Anna was also active in the marriage negotiations between her brothers and different German noble houses: in 1578-79, she assisted in the negotiations between Charles IX of Sweden and Maria of Palatinate-Simmern.

She became a widow in 1592. After the death of her spouse, Anna Maria was forced to live a very sparing life since her spouse had run up huge debts in his lifetime: he left a debt of 300.000 florines, and she spent the rest of her life trying to pay the debt. She was also forced to act as mediator between her sons to prevent them from fighting over the inheritance, as her spouse had divided his lands between them. Between 1592 and 1598, she served as Regent of the undivided territories, and in 1598, George Gustavus retained the Counties of Veldenz and Lautereck while his younger brothers obtained the other territories.


She married Georg Johann, the Count Palatine of Veldenz on 20 December 1562. The couple had the following issue:

  1. George Gustavus, Count Palatine of Veldenz (1564 - 3 June 1634)
  2. Anne Margaret of Palatinate-Veldenz (28 April 1565 - 2 October 1566)
  3. John Rupert of Palatinate-Veldenz (9 September 1566 - 1 October 1567)
  4. Anne Margaret of Palatinate-Veldenz (17 January 1571 - 1 November 1621); married Count Palatine Richard of Simmern-Sponheim
  5. Ursula of Palatinate-Veldenz (24 February 1572 - 5 March 1635); married Louis III, Duke of Württemberg
  6. Joanna Elizabeth of Palatinate-Veldenz (2 October 1573 - 28 July 1601)
  7. John Augustus, Count Palatine of Lützelstein (26 November 1575 - 18 September 1611)
  8. Louis Philip, Count Palatine of Guttenberg (24 November 1577 - 24 October 1601)
  9. Maria Anne of Palatinate-Veldenz (9 June 1579 - 10 October 1579)
  10. Catherine Ursula of Palatinate-Veldenz (3 August 1582 - 22 January 1595)
  11. George John II, Count Palatine of Lützelstein-Guttenberg (24 June 1586 - 29 September 1654)


Johan Kristiersson (Vasa)
Erik Johansson (Vasa)
Birgitta Gustafsdotter (Sture)
Gustav I of Sweden (Vasa)
Måns Karlsson (Eka)
Cecilia Månsdotter (Eka)
Sigrid Eskilsdotter (Banér)
Anna Maria of Sweden (Vasa)
Abraham Kristiernsson (Leijonhuvud)
Erik Abrahamsson (Leijonhufvud)
Birgitta Månsdotter (Natt och Dag)
Margareta Leijonhufvud
Erik Karlsson (Vasa)
Ebba Eriksdotter (Vasa)
Anna Karlsdotter (Vinstorpa)


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