Highest point
Elevation 5,131.3 m (16,835 ft)[1]
Coordinates 15°37′55″S 71°32′2″W / 15.63194°S 71.53389°W / -15.63194; -71.53389Coordinates: 15°37′55″S 71°32′2″W / 15.63194°S 71.53389°W / -15.63194; -71.53389
Location Peru, Arequipa Region, Caylloma Province
Parent range Andes

Ankachita (Quechua anka eagle, chita young domesticated sheep / a little animal which follows its owner,[2] hispanicized spelling Ancachita) is a mountain in the Andes of Peru, about 5,131.3 metres (16,835 ft) high. It is situated in the Arequipa Region, Caylloma Province, on the border of the districts Callalli and Chivay, east of Chivay. Ankachita lies north of the higher mountains Warank'anthi and Q'illu Q'illu.[3]


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