Angry mob

For the Kaiser Chiefs' song, see The Angry Mob.
For the political structure, see Ochlocracy.
A prototypical angry mob.

An angry mob is a group of people ("mob") and protest, either violently or non-violently, against a common theme, object, policy or ruler which the "mob" finds offensive. Such "mobs" can take many forms, such as picketing, rioting and silent vigils.


The description of a member of an angry mob, or an angry mob in general, is generally negative, focusing on such aspects as their filth or ugliness.[1] This can sometimes be done to undermine their beliefs/goals through an ad hominem.

The Roman pleb uprising (triggered by the economic crisis, threats from opposing nations, and massive debt) caused what has been described as an angry mob.[2]

Various Occupy Movement groups have been described by various authorities as being "angry mobs".[3] This labeling has also been criticized.[4]


Rangers with Flash bangs could disperse the mobs with relative ease. Angry Mobs were particularly vulnerable to anti-infantry weapons such as flames, toxins, snipers or Gatling guns, and had no protection against aircraft. Mobs are also slow along with most other kinds of infantry, making it easy to hit them with artillery such as Inferno Cannon or Nuke Cannon, they were also vulnerable to heavy base defenses such as Gatling Cannons and Laser Turrets. Angry Mobs are unable to garrison structures or enter vehicles. Attack Helicopters are recommended, as the Angry Mob cannot attack them.

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