Angermünde station

Angermünde station
Through station

Location Angermünde, Brandenburg
Coordinates 53°0′56″N 13°59′46″E / 53.01556°N 13.99611°E / 53.01556; 13.99611Coordinates: 53°0′56″N 13°59′46″E / 53.01556°N 13.99611°E / 53.01556; 13.99611
Platforms 5
Other information
Station code 148
Opened 15 November 1842
Passengers < 5,000 daily[1]
Old (right) and new station

Angermünde station is a transportation hub in the city of Angermünde in the northeast of the German state of Brandenburg. The station opened on 15 November 1842 on the Stettin Railway between Berlin and Szczecin and is the starting point of the Angermünde-Stralsund line to Stralsund, the Angermünde-Schwedt line to Schwedt and a disused branch line to Bad Freienwalde.


The station was opened on 15 November 1842 by the Berlin-Stettin Railway Company (German: Berlin-Stettiner Eisenbahn-Gesellschaft, BStE) with the line from Berlin. On 15 August 1843, the extension to Szczecin (then part of Prussia and called Stettin in German) was opened. In the following years the station grew into a major junction with the opening of lines to Stralsund (1863), Schwedt (1873) and Bad Freienwalde (1877). In 1879, the BStE was nationalised as part of the Prussian state railways. The station was originally built on an “island” surrounded by tracks (known as an Inselbahnhof in German). In 1906, the tracks were redesigned and all the tracks were moved to the west side of the building. In 1861 the original station building was replaced by a new building. The old building later served as a post office and a police station, but it is now unused. As a result of numerous changes to the building during the period of East Germany (1945–1990) the old building has disappeared. The station complex is a listed building.

Train services

Angermünde station is west of central Angermünde. The station building is east of the tracks. The station has two island platforms with four tracks for passenger traffic. At the northern end of the western platform, there is an additional terminal track. Freight facilities are close to the northern end of the passenger station. The line to Schwedt branches directly in the platform area from the other tracks so that only tracks 1 and 2 can be used by trains to and from Schwedt.

The station is served by the following service(s):[2]

Preceding station   Deutsche Bahn   Following station
ICE 15
towards Stralsund Hbf
ICE 28
towards Munich Hbf
IC/EC 32
towards Cologne Hbf
RE 3
toward Elsterwerda-Biehla
toward Schwedt
RE 3
RB 66
Preceding station   Niederbarnimer Eisenbahn   Following station
toward Schwedt
RB 61Terminus
toward Prenzlau
RB 62Terminus



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