AJ Castillo

AJ Castillo
Birth name Arturo Castillo, Jr.
Also known as AJ Castillo
Born (1986-10-16) October 16, 1986
Austin, Texas, United States
Genres Tejano, bachata, cumbia
Occupation(s) Musician, Singer, Producer
Instruments Accordion, Vocals
Labels Yungstar Records (independent)
Website www.ajcastillo.com

Arturo Castillo, Jr. (born October 16, 1986 in Austin, Texas), better known as AJ Castillo, is an American singer of Mexican descent. He is a Tejano music, cumbia, and bachata recording artist, accordionist, singer, performer, and producer. His debut album, "Who I Am", was released in 2009, and his second album, "On My Way", was released in 2010.

Life and career

Having spent several years as a studio musician and having recorded and performed with many of the Top Tejano artists in the industry, Castillo is known for his accordion sound and style, and his visually customized accordions.Photo [1] Photo [2] In late 2008, he felt it was time to step to the front of the stage. He entered the Tejano scene as a solo artist in 2009 and has brought a "fresh new attitude to Tejano Music".[3] With the release of his debut CD Who I Am and his 2nd and newest CD On My Way, he has introduced a fresh new urban/fusion sound (combining influences from Tejano, Cumbias, Jazz, Cajun, and R&B) that expands the boundaries of accordion music and has helped energize the Tejano scene.[4][5][6][7][8]

History / accomplishments

AJ Castillo is a native of Austin, Texas, and is a recent graduate of The University of Texas at San Antonio as a member of the Kappa Sigma fraternity. He joined great and influential members like Jerry Jones, Jimmy Buffet, C.J. Roy and Ian Mitchell. He was introduced to the accordion by his grandfather and started playing at around the age of 10 and began his professional music career at 13 with his family band. Today at the age of 29 and at the beginning of his solo career, the Tejano industry is recognizing the buzz surrounding this young musician. A "rising star" in the Tejano industry,[4][6] he has accomplished many things in a short period of time. He has released two CDs "Who I Am" & "On My Way" and has won over many Tejano music fans [7] Photo;[9] within the first seven months of his solo career he was asked to perform at the 2009 Tejano Music Awards and in 2010 accepted his first Tejano Music Award; he is receiving airplay on Tejano stations across the nation (traditional and internet stations); he released an official video for his single "Todo Me Gusta De Ti";[10] he kicked-off the 2009 Tejano Music National Convention in Dallas, Texas; and most recently, he became a three time award winner being named the Tejano Music Awards Best New Male Artist and the Tejano Academy's Best Accordion Player and Best Emerging Artist at the July 11, 2010 awards show in San Antonio, Texas. Photo [5][6][11][12][13] Most recently, the City of Austin proclaimed September 1, 2016 as AJ Castillo Day.[14][15]


Features a special guest appearance by Tejano artist Ram Herrera.
Introduces Castillo's younger brother Sergio Castillo and features special guest appearances by Tejano artists David Lee Garza and Mark Ledesma.

Music videos

Awards and recognition

Philanthropic events

1st Annual AJ Castillo for Kids – September 16, 2010 [16]
Event held to raise schools supplies for kids who live in the more underprivileged areas in Austin, Texas.

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