Angak is a Hopi kachina spirit, represented by spirit dancers and a corresponding kachina doll figure, known to non-hopis as Longhair.

Spirit character

Angak represents a healing and protective male figure.

Dance representation

The dance of this figure is slow.

Figure representation

The figure will have waist length black hair and a black beard to mid chest, and when represented as a carving will usually be taller than other kachinas by the same artist. The figure wears a full length white cape, showing only his right hand, which contains an evergreen bough, representative of his home in the sacred San Francisco Peaks. On the cape are symbols for rainclouds.


The forward part of the headdress over the brow consists of yellow feathers, while the rear part contains a long pendant of feathers terminating in a raincloud symbol. (Feathers in the doll are carved.)

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